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fashion coupons?

are we going to get fashion coupons for the ps4?


  • It was working for me after the update
  • @BellaFe said:
    It was working for me after the update

    they are giving fashion coupons on ps4 now?

  • I did over 60 island of dawn bams today after hitting level 65....the brutal ones, and not one fashion coupon dropped. my question is, are they dropping and where to farm them if they are. I leveled my character from 20 to 60 doing bams, and none dropped. I leveled from 63 to 65 just doing bams, and none dropped. im not angry, im just wanting to know where to get them and if they are dropping, how bad is the drop rate.

  • Fashion Coupons no longer drop from BAMs. Currently, the only way to get them is through events.
  • They’ve been in console Tera on and off again for a while. I still have a 100 that I didn’t spend (rather had nothing at that price to spend it on), last time I tried to use it, it said it wasn’t usable at this time.

    I think it hates that I didn’t spend them. Lol.
  • I have 100 something on my lvl 65 ninja but i got 300 by that one event but i spent them on something .

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