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edited November 2019 in TERA PC - Bug Report

Hi, i have this issue and i have done whatever the way i can think of to try to sort this out, but nothing is helping so far so i try to post this here, this is some technical bug and i think only game dev can rlly solve this. It is simple, my spinning death skill on valk doesn't show the "space" to recast it, instead i have to mannually cast it 3 times. Also in my skill tab (K) it shows 2 icon of spinning death and dream slash, i don't recall when and how exactly this happened, but i think i was talking to an npc that have the option to "learn skills". After that it broke my spinning death skill which doesn't show "space" to recast it again.
(https://imgur.com/uw3Axcy "https://imgur.com/uw3Axcy")
(https://imgur.com/yaeGnM2 "https://imgur.com/yaeGnM2")

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