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11/26/2019 - Letter from the Developers

What follows is a message directly from the Development team over at Bluehole.

As we had received lots of suggestions and ideas about new goals and motivation for TERA, we proceeded with the Exodor update that included a new area and new level cap in order to provide new content and motivating factors.

Adding new sets of gears and growth factors including character level-up, skill advancement, and card fragments during the update brought players a variety of new goals and a new character level cap, but also imposed a heavier burden on them.

The development team have given much thought to this and tried to come up with solutions, but it was hard to ease the burden only through the existing means, such as patches and events.

In particular, new users and returning users are having a hard time due to this burden from the growth factors in the current game play. We will work toward a fundamental improvement.

Live Service Future Direction

We’ve gathered all the ideas and suggestions about the current TERA gameplay and have identified problems, and now we are working for improvement.
Main problems and solutions are as follows:

1. Character Level-Up

It takes long time to reach level 70, and its simple and repetitive process is boring. I bet you think the same.
We will prepare an environment for players to be able to enjoy a variety of content, and fast and effective leveling, and at the same time grow alts by shortening the leveling process and distributing the level-up efficiency that used to be focused on specific areas.

2. Gear Growth

It has been eased a little by several updates and new/returning user events, but gear growth is still not easy.

It will be gradually eased further. As a first step, we will reduce the cost of gear growth.

3. Skill Advancement

We think skill level-up speed didn’t meet users’ expectation and they couldn’t feel the skill level-up effects.

To resolve this issue, we’ve added Skill Advancement XP Scroll rewards to various content. Also, we will increase the reward amounts.

4. Farming

After the Exodor update, new gears and feedstocks were found mainly in the hunting zones. But the low drop rate as well as repeated tasks made users tired.

In the future, we will ease the hurdle by reducing the repeated tasks and improve the gear farming system step by step.

5. Card

Currently, it has low drop rates and lack of farming motivation.

We’re trying to come up with a solution for a more effective system with less farming burden.

6. Other Limitations

We will proactively reduce limitations on enjoying game content.

Future update contents will be easily played, and current issues will be gradually improved as well.

November 26th Service will include:

Starting with new/returning users, we will ease the burden from the system for all players.

We’ve figured out that new/returning users are having hard time due to the burden from surging character XP after level 65, new skill advancement, EP, and enchanting.

They’ve become big obstacles for players who are in the process of leveling main characters and growing alts. But the issues are clear and have low risk, so we’ll improve them as quickly as possible.

[Revised] [11/26 Hotfix Patch - Growth Obstacle]

1) Character Level-Up

  • Reduce XP for character level-up
  • Reduce level 65 or higher field monsters’ HP and Attack
  • Party dungeon vanguard request XP rewards and monster hunt XP rewards increase
  • Daily Quests, Fishing/Gathering/Crafting XP rewards increase

2) Skill Advancement XP

  • Party dungeon, hunting zone monsters’ skill advancement XP rewards increase
  • Exodor story, zone quests skill advancement XP rewards increase
  • Exodor daily quest skill advancement XP rewards increase

3) Skill Advancement Scroll

  • Party dungeon, daily quests’ Skill Advancement Scroll rewards increase
  • Added Skill Advancement Scroll III rewards to Exodor daily quest
  • Added Skill Advancement Scroll III to Free Exodor Reputation Shop, Exodor Justicar Reputation Shop
  • Field Boss Ortan Skill Advancement Scroll increase

4) Gear Enchanting Materials

  • Frostmetal Equipment enchanting / upgrade chance +, fewer materials and item XP
  • Stormcry equipment enchanting chance +, fewer materials and item XP
  • Accessories (necklace, earrings, ring, circlet, brooch, belt) upgrade chance +, fewer materials and item XP

5) EP (Delayed until the next major build release)

  • Initial EP unlock gets 300 EP.
  • If existing accounts have fewer than 300 EP, adjusted for 300 point base.


As I mentioned the issues about character level-up and eased limitations, we’re also checking other improvements.

Among many issues that have been excluded from the live service this time, the issues we can respond to the fastest will be applied in the next update. This will include the issue that new gear and its enchanting materials were often found in the hunting zones.

We’re sorry that we won’t be able to fix all the problems at once, but we promise to continue to improve remaining issues quickly and boldly…or slowly but definitively.

We will keep trying to listen to all players’ voices and create more easily playable content for TERA.

EDIT: EP point update has been delayed until the next major build release.

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