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lag rises suddenly in combat + stutters and more

here we go again...
Well, a problem that I have begun to have is that I have a stable latency of 200ms, now I start walking through the game, I visit the bank, I go to a partner, it goes up about 2 to 4 ms more until here everything is fine.
Now I have to play dungeon.
I enter the combat and the latency goes from 200 to 240,250, up to 280.
and if it is to extremes before this did not happen to me
I have already checked all route, windows, configurations, and I have tried in other games the latency until I have connected to lost ark russia and everything good now what happens with the tera servers so bad are they?
no later than I found another effect my skills are not activated or activated by ghosting and do not harm clearly effect of high latency but apparently they get to lose packages being these so small that tera only uses 30kb of up and down. ( still unstable)
Now this also happens to me when I am going to kill mobs to test skills or to do general missions.
It is time to update that engine do not believe that with some pvp events and other things that give free they will be able to have more players if they do not repair the game and its servers, they had already promised better servers and never did or They never released the details.
AY PLEASE COULD be able to fix the stagnant items on the screen at once when you accept many, for example, in the guardians that even on the loading screen or in the selection of the character continue to appear + ensima when they disappear or it looks as if another will take its place with another bone icon, there is an emerald vanishes and suddenly a ruby, letter, any item appears blurred in an instant of 1 second.

If they are going to put on events that are fun like those of the world boss scattered throughout the world.
although the healers did not get much of that event, at least we could include all the people in the guild or putting together raids having fun looking for the easy or the most powerful as if it were an experimental dungeon ... it was fun.
instead, what they put in now is to make dungeons to receive the prize or item by doing the same as always doing dungeons (you can't talk much about pvp because it doesn't exist anymore).
is in quotes good for the cards nothing more but the rest what?
No more to say greetings to all.

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