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Bravery potions

I’m wondering why the 3 bravery potions have identical effects, I think, but not completely sure, that strong bravery potion had higher stats than elite and old bravery potions before unmasked update? ,as I used to save these for GvG’s, right now all 3 are identical with increased skill damage 12% and decreased damage received 10% all 3 have 30 min duration, should strong bravery not have 15% skill damage like the strong canephora has vs elite and standard canephora’s with 12% only.


  • Before the mask update old and elite bravery gave 10% DMG increase, 10% DMG taken redux, and 4% increase atk speed. Strong bravery gave 12% DMG increase, 10% DMG taken redux and 6% atk speed. After the mask update all bravery was swapped over to 12% DMG increase and 10% DMG taken redux. They completely removed the atk speed increase for whatever BS reason
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