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Continuously stuck in stun roar on Kelsaik

I can damage him until he's down to 99.7%, but then he roars and stuns me. I either have to force close the game, or being a ninja class, I can mash dodge towards the exit teleporter and mash the A button to use the teleporter. I'm on xbox1. Stuck and need help to continue!


  • I am having the exact same problem and apparently this issue has been going on for a while and still has not been fixed.

  • Getting stuck in the stun loop with Kelsaik is beyond ridiculous. This is a boss fight for a Storyline quest. I would think that enmasse would be on the ball about fixing a broken storyline quest so players can move on. Yes we can level around it but this has apperently been glitched for some time now. Does enmasse just not give a crap? Are they to lazy to look at the glitch? Does it work fine everywhere else? So they figure it isnt worth their time to look at? The general population on Xbox knows this is glithched so Enmasse do you think maybe you couls ACTUALLY FIX THE BUGS?

  • Same issue here. Very irritating.
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