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In all my years of playing with Reaper, I’ve felt weak, yes it could be because I’m an Elin. However I’ve tested many builds, on my reaper and I’ve come to an agreement that I’m just way too weak even in full stormcry gear. I want to make this and hope it gets to someone that Reapers need a buff badly, our damage output is random, and I understand that our skills can have a long cool down but I think we should bring the cool downs abit down.
I hope this gets fixed soon, I really enjoy playing reaper and I want to keep playing reaper. So please try to improve the class if you can, I think every other reaper player would be happy.


  • Yeah, tend to agree with OP. Reapers just feel off somehow, weak and more like a backup to the heavy hitters. I’ve maxed two to date but afterwards, they just sit collecting digital dust.
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