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Deceptive Items / Deceptive Minigames

These mistakes are because they do not support the game but only support the store just ...
They don't pay attention to anything or they don't care.
In the first case there is this illusion that never happens and if it happens it only happens once every 1 year.

according to the game the more points or depending on them you will have one of these items which is a lie.
Since all the time I am first in the ranking and I always get the 6 rubies or the noctenium, the other booties do not exist.

In the second case it is similar but in this one it is not even written in the code you will never see the designs that the happy item says I carry more than 46,000 boxes up to with reputation boost and nothing ...

another thing is that there are no coins for the mysterious merchant, he keeps coming out but a month ago or since the last patch they don't give the coin and this one keeps spawning.
I mean for what?

are they going to do something?

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