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12/17/2019 - v88 Patch Notes



  • Players can now discard hair coupon items.

Premium Services

  • We are adding a 50% Reputation Boost to elite status benefits.

Hunting Zones

New: Core-Blasted Riddle

  • A riddle has surface in a specific area on Exodor! It could be the key to finding treasure.
    • Visit the locations listed on the chart below to collect the components of the Core Conundrum.
    • Construct the Core Conundrum to discover the location of a treasure.
    • Use the Core Conundrum in the indicated location, and Chasers will spawn.
    • Defeat these Chasers, and you’ll receive Core-Blasted Shards.
      • These shards can be exchanged for Dark Shard Weapon or Armor Feedstocks, Improved Dark Shard Weapon or Armor Feedstocks, and Azart Elixir.
      • Monsters on Exodor's outer islands drop items to create Core Conundrums.
Item Location(s)
Core-Blasted Riddle Fragment A Murderwing Monarch Hunting Zone, Lepidoptera Graveyard
Core-Blasted Riddle Fragment B Crystal Tor, Azart Base
Core-Blasted Riddle Fragment C Rosema Tribe Residence, Dark Hollow
Cipher Decryption Potion Kerozen Isle

New: Core-Blasted Stone

  • Players can mine Core-Blasted Stones on Exodor's outer islands.
    • Use Core-Blasted Stone Breakers to gather Core-Blasted Shards.
    • Exchange Core-Blasted Shards for Dark Shard Weapon or Armor Feedstocks, Improved Dark Shard Weapon or Armor Feedstocks, and Azart Elixir.



  • The brawler’s Growing Fury’s aggro has increased from 10% to 25%.


  • The mystic’s Arunic Release has changed:
    • Skill damage has increased by 50%.
    • Max Arunic Release has decreased from 5 to 4.
    • MP Consumption has increased from 875 to 1,050.
    • Cooldown has increased from 5 sec to 10 sec.


  • We adjusted the tasks of the following quests for smoother progress on Free Exodor daily quests.
    • Supply Support
      • Condition: Deliver 3 Shadsteel Ingots or Xermetal Ingots
    • Starving Aheaf
      • Condition: Deliver Exodor Fish Crate I


  • We added an option to adjust the font size for damage messages.
    • To use this option, go to Settings > Game Setting > Battle messages.

Pocket Tabs

  • Players can now name Pocket Tabs.
  • Click on the name setting icon in the Pocket Tab setting will pop up a window.


  • Current and future accounts will be granted 300 Enhancement Points.
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