Video options are set to minimum everytime the game is closed/restarted

Hello guys,
So it's been some time since I was on TERA and decided to check it out again, now there are two issues that I am facing one of them being that I have to readjust my video settings everytime I get on the game. I noticed that there is a System Setting Optimization option under Game tab now which also resets back to from off to on.

I checked if my .ini config files were set to read only and they are not, it also appears that they are used for only basic options now like resolution and screen type (Windowed, Windowed (fullscreen), Full screen). I also checked with a friend and it appears that they are having the same issue so it's not just me.

So to clarify my issue once again:

  • Everything after resolution settings will be set to minimum settings
  • System Setting Optimization will also reset back to on/allowed/checked

Anyone else facing the same issue? Any solutions to this? It's getting quite annoying already so I don't think I'll stay much longer if there is no solution.


  • It sounds like where ever the settings file is, Tera doesn't have permissions to write to it. On a default Win10 install, it would live in C:\Users\Public\Games\En Masse Entertainment\Launcher\tera\S1Game\Config, so make sure that folder and the files within are not set to read only (unless you've modified the s1engine file, then that and that only, should be set read only.)

  • In my original post I already mentioned that I checked the config files, none of them are set to read only and if I change resolution the game will write to S1Engine file. The issue is with other graphic options effects, textures, view distance etc. Changing them doesn't really write to any of files.

    The thing that confuses me is the location that you said the files would be, there is no such thing on my pc at least, the config files were always under
    [GameFolder]/Client/S1Game/Config yet yours are somewhere in the EME launcher folder?

  • Must have missed that first time through, sorry. Though it still sounds like a permissions issue. The game should write settings to the s1engine and s1options files as far as I've seen. Is your game folder under Program Files or Program Files (x86)? I know those folders can be odd.
    Yeah, my settings location is where it defaulted to with a fresh install done this Summer using the EME Launcher. Was yours installed some other way?

  • No problem, I don't think that its a permission issue. Under Security tab in Properties 'Everyone' has full access to all TERA folder/files I also tried setting every TERA executable to run as admin but also again as mentioned in my previous post options like resolution will write to S1Engine file other graphic options won't it's like they aren't even part of the config file.

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