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Double drops

Is double drop not working? I played CW and RG last night and neither dropped much loot. I also linked my En Masse and Amazon this morning and didn't get my loot from that either. Now I get error code 0006:0000 every time I try to log in. What's going on with TERA today? O.o


  • I dont know anything about linking to an Amazon account but increased drops are not working. Eme is aware but they're also on holiday so it wont be fixed right away.
  • I can't even log in now so every other problem pales in comparison
  • Double drops seemed like it was off yesterday
    which if so I wonder what they are going to do about this, because I know its off right now still despite the event supposedly still going........

  • seraphinushseraphinush ✭✭✭✭

    Despite the in-game UI, double drop is currently not working and has been confirmed personally in several of the dungeons listed. EME is aware of the issue as well.

    Happy holidays !

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