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Cochineal beetles in January, 2020

Is it still possible to find them? And if so, where. I have hit level 65 and have been trying to get experience in crafting. That includes dyes, with beetles being the one thing I lack.


  • I've been looking for an answer myself. I've come to the conclusion that it has been removed and they forgot to remove the recipes for them. The only dyes left are the 3 for any color under Dyes for Alchemy. And that sucks. So many stuff are being removed from Tera.

    Best way to increase Skills is from Potions (when needed) and Jewels.

    Additives are pretty much useless for Skill Gaining since they don't stack and you can only craft the 3%, 5%, and 8% (by critical when crafting a 5%)

    Crafting has been getting worst and worst as time goes on.

    Enmasse for TERA should just bring back all (or at least) most of the Craft they used to have. Or at least add new ones.

    All crafts has so little recipes. The only one that has plenty is Etching and it's very expressive in resources.
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