Are costumes limited time?

So I am a returning player and I am confused what is going on with the custom shop. What I am able to purchase is pretty limited and I see a lot of people with costumes that are not available for purchase but that I would really like. Are costumes limited time sales? This seems pretty silly to me that they would have some many costumes that are limited time but I see no other way to purchase any looks that I like for my characters. Are costumes account wide or just for 1 specific character? Thanks.


  • VenpaiVenpai ✭✭✭

    they recently(?) removed most of their stock from the cash shop for whatever stupid reason. costumes are also character specific so once you use it on them you can't wear it on any other character.

  • Wow bummer! I though I just wasn't looking in the right place, that is ridiculous that they would remove a large portion of the costumes from their shop. I see a ton of costumes I would like but I don't like any of them in the current shop. And that is even worse that they are character specific. I see no reason for them doing this and just from myself alone it's lost them a bit of potential income.

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    It's a good market strategy

    Tell me how often can you buy F/W season clothing during the S/S season ? (it's rhetorical)

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    @Venpai said:
    they recently(?) removed most of their stock from the cash shop for whatever stupid reason.

    Just on this point, they actually undid most of that already (most of the removed items were restored because they agreed they had removed too much), but they've always had a bit of a "limited shelf space" approach to cosmetics in this market even aside that occasion.

    I think that seraphinush is right in what he says above -- it's a model that is patterned directly after retail stores, so has precedence and some research behind it. I honestly would be interested in data to see whether it's really more effective in an online game though. There is certainly no technical reason why they couldn't just have every product ever on there (except for time-limited collaborations) -- it's purely a marketing tactic. (And of course doing it this way means that you have cases like this thread -- where someone would buy a product if it were available, but now spend nothing because they can't get what they want. Unlike real clothing, people don't need in-game cosmetics, so is there any guarantee they'll come back when it's "in stock"?)

    I have seen other F2P games that also use this "limited shelf space" model for cosmetics, but some of them also have a rotating schedule to bring things out of the vault all the time. If it were me I think I'd at least try to do that.

  • I guess I can kind of see the argument if they were on a rotating schedule but I don't really see that at all. I know that there are a few things I would have picked up by now if they were available but what is listed right now is really nothing that I like and I image I am not the only one who feels this well. A little disappointed, hopefully they change it sometime soon.

  • Many of the costume and mounts get rotated back in seasonally or periodically, been like this for as long as I can remember and many brought back at times around black Friday timeline. When out of season the best option for some of those types of costumes is trying to find someone on broker or trade chat that will sell you one that you are looking for. Though this does not work if you do not have the gold easily available, but there are ways to gain gold if needed as you can buy stuff like 30 day elite (voucher) or other store items and sell it on broker or trade chat to gain the gold needed to buy said costume if you can find it when it's not available for sale in store. I know it is not the best option, but as with most things it is the best option for those types of costumes when not in season or hard to come by ect. BTW there are some costumes and items that may never return and be next to impossible to obtain (yes we are talking about stuff like the "hello kitty" as from my understanding is due to trademark. Also gold prices of said items generally rise and fall based on availability or when on sale so sadly prices are generally higher when out of store. Hope you find what your looking for either way.

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