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Popori Brawler Log-in Event (UPDATED)

Update: This event has concluded early, but you can still get your free character slot! If you didn't yet receive your character slot, we'll send you one just for logging in before February 1 at 3:00 a.m. PST.

Get ready to start a new popori brawler during our week-long, popori-themed log-in event, in which you can earn a free character slot by completing as few as three Vanguard Requests!

Complete a Vanguard Request every day starting Saturday, January 25 at midnight PST (midnight UTC in Europe) and you’ll earn double pawful of rewards! To earn all of the available rewards (including an ample supply of Popori Bait!) you must complete a Vanguard Request on all seven days.

  • Day 1: Lion Dancer Mask (14-day temp item)
  • Day 2: Rainbow Bait ×50
  • Day 3: Free Character Slot
  • Day 4: Popori Flight Suit (7-day temp item)
  • Day 5: Mouser (14 day temp pet)
  • Day 6: Turbocharged Crimson Powerfists (7- day temp brawler weapons)
  • Day 7: Popori Bait ×50

Event Period:
NA: Jan 25 (Sat) at midnight PST~Jan 31 (Fri) at midnight PST (Reset at midnight PST)
EU: Jan 25 (Sat) at midnight UTC~Jan 31 (Fri) at midnight UTC (Reset at midnight UTC)

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