Procesing test? How to start

HI:) I hope this is the right area to post this. I've been leveling processing by making bait on one of my characters. I got to 500 last night and got the message it was time to take the test. I cannot find anywhere in the crafting window how to begin the test. I did the test for cooking a while back and whatever it was I needed to click was there and not hard to find. I feel like I must be missing something that is right in front of my eyes but I am just not seeing it. I tried making more bait to see if I got another prompt. All that did was waste fish pieces.

Please, if someone could accurately describe what to do, I would be grateful. A pic or link to a video that shows it would be helpful. If not that, then just a good description. TY in advance


  • KabzKabz Ps4 ✭✭

    Hello Eileen! You can only have ONE profession go past 500 on a single character. Being past 500 is called Artisan, and a character can't be Artisan in two or more crafts. Hope that helps! If any more questions feel free to add my PSN and just message me for a "Faster" response. <3


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