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TERA: Fists of Justice - Reported Issues / Additional Changes

In an effort to identify new issues that have have been included within the TERA: Fists of Justice update as soon as possible, please use this Thread to discuss them, as well as any large changes that were not communicated within the Patch Notes.


  • SarumoninSarumonin ✭✭✭
    edited February 10

    Last Updated : February 10th 2020

    Player Reported Issues :

    • The item you receive from Aktam to give to Gislan does not automatically give you the item. Instead you need to go to the quest itself, and click on Receive Again to get it.
    • With the new quest system in the story-line, sometimes you will not receive the item(s) needed to progress the Quest. You need to go to your Quest Log, and click on Receive Again in order to receive the item the first time
    • Gislan NPC in Velika is speaking a different language.
    • No reset scroll for 451 dungeons (such as Antaroth's Abyss Hard Mode).
    • Flying Skill: Tulpar - If one already has the skill and completes the reset quest, it becomes stuck in their inventory. It cannot be used, banked, traded, sold, dismantled or destroyed.
      - Fieldstones are no longer purchasable via Metamorphic Emblem Shop. (Resolved)

    • If a user is on a mount, and organizing their inventory by adding an item into the Dial UI, and they're hit by a smile cracker, they will lose all of the items in their skill bar. Re-logging will only give the user the option to un-mount. However, the skill bar will remain empty and the user will have to manually add the skills/items back into their skill bar and Dial UI.

    • Antaroth has a chance at having his feet be placed underground, thus not showing any Red Indicators in Antaroth's Abyss Normal Mode.
    • There is a chance that you can desynch, causing a Melee class to go inside the boss during Antaroth's Abyss Hard Mode's last boss, during the Color Cage Mechanic (starting at 40% HP), and thus killing the player due to no color being under the boss.
    • When Warrior class users use Scythe, it has a chance at crashing the game. In addition to this, using Defense Stance, when block cancelling, has a chance to crash the game as well. If as a Warrior, you enrage the Boss / Monster, and the game crashes - when you return to the game, you cannot return to Defense Stance (D-Stance) due to the Enrage Debuff.
    • When in Battleground Queue, if you are already in a Group and decide to queue, it will break the queue system and not bring anyone into the arena. Instead, players will require to leave their parties, groups and re-queue. Often times, players require a relog before the system works again.
    • There is a chance that the game will crash if you find a group via Instance Matching, once it has completed its search for players.
    • Surah, the Belicarium Quartermaster in Velika doesn’t give the daily Kumas chest anymore.
    • VI-Ki, the projection from Antaroth's Abyss Hard Mode, speaks in a different language.
    • In Kumas Royale, if a player dies near the line of the gate (Closed Gate after passing it / Barrier), they will not respawn for the remainder of the match. This works both on A and B side (For example: If a player goes into Enemy Territory, and dies near the Barrier (Respawn Point), they will stay dead the remainder of the game.) The round finishing will not bring you back to life either - it will however bring your HP (Health Points) back to full, but you will remain dead.
    • Darkan's Wings sometimes does not show for other players. To fix, a user needs to go far away away from the view distance and return to see them on another player - or log off and on.
    • When in the leveling dungeons from 20-64, and the group disbands or leaves the dungeon or the player leaves the group, it does not teleport you outside. Players can work around this by using an Elite Atlas Book, or Unstuck function to teleport

    Known Issues :

    • Confirmation window for the Additional Character Slot has the wrong number of maximum slots.
    • The "Event" section in the Menu is no longer present, resulting in players no longer being able to receive items from the Accumulated Login Event window.
    • Typing multiple messages in the chat window while using a keyboard appends the previous message's text. This can be worked around by closing the chat window after sending each message.
    • Turning in Vergos's Head for the Marrow Brooch via the Quest line (Requiem for a Dragon) from Harrowhold, does not grant the user the Brooch. (Resolved)
  • Flying Skill: Tulpar - If one already has the skill and completes the reset quest, it becomes stuck in their inventory. It cannot be used, banked, traded, sold, dismantled or destroyed.

    Fieldstones can no longer be purchased with Metamorphic Emblems. Etching was already the hardest crafting specilaization to get materials for, with this change we can only obtain etching materials from rare random drops from monsters and gathering. I personally feel that removing the ability to craft tier 4 etchings, last update, and to only be able to get them from a 10% chance while applying a tier 3 was bad enough.

  • sometimes the "Draconic roar" goes on cooldown twice sone after the hour cooldown is up before you can use it again it goes on cooldown again

  • @King1357913579 said:
    sometimes the "Draconic roar" goes on cooldown twice sone after the hour cooldown is up before you can use it again it goes on cooldown again

    Can you go into detail exactly how this happens, and what occurs?

  • Hi there! Been playing on console for a bit but noticed that after getting the Rule Southern Shara feat I never got the ps4 trophy.

    Looking into it further I even followed the guide that Saru posted and ensured I killed the monsters in Northern Shara too and the trophy never popped. :(

    (Link for context: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/28224/shara-and-arun-boss-achievement-guide)

    Anyone else having this issue? It’s the last trophy I need to plat... D:

  • Almost all faction NPCs that give daily quests are not where they are shown to be on the map. Example: I go to Velika and go to where the daily guest givers are and the map shows the green markers to say I have quests I can pick up but when I go there the NPCs that give the guests are not there. I have spoken to other players and it seems that 90% of the people I have spoken to are having the same issue.
  • I almost posted about the daily npcs missing myself. Then I found this thread. forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/33000/breaking-news-from-the-pora-elinu-press#latest

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