Breaking News from the Pora Elinu Press!

We’d like to make players in TERA on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One aware of the following news column printed this week in Pora Elinu:

Pora Elinu Press News Alert!

—Presskat, Pora Elinu Press

Six factions have put aside their differences to meet in a closed cross-faction summit. Key members of the Hands of Velika, Jax Trust, Unified Theory Institute, Valsekyr Hunt, Hyderad Legacy, and Shariar have left their homes to meet in a neutral location to discuss future support of, and for, the Valkyon Federation.

The summit is expected to last for several weeks and no one can say exactly when it will end. Until then, these individuals will be sequestered and not accessible:

  • Hands of Velika (Velika)

    • Barian
    • Taratia
    • Elthienne
  • Jax Trust (Cutthroat Harbor)

    • Jax
    • Ebbra
    • Imesti
    • Rhales
    • Loyek
  • Unified Theory Institute (Allemantheia)

    • Skeal
    • Fitae
    • Klissa
    • Zerit
  • Shariar (Zulfikar Fortress)

    • Biordan
    • Kalkzak
    • Asaana
    • Neisha
    • Agrakh
    • Artur
  • Valsekyr Hunt (Kanstria)

    • Keinbara
    • Benuhka
    • Kanos
    • Beiran
  • Hyderad Legacy (Bastion)

    • Arisel
    • Akma
    • Ruma
    • Buran
    • Rukdi
    • Meiga

Faction leaders were unavailable, and federation officials have declined to comment.

For privacy, neither the location of the summit nor the name of the arbitrator have been formally released, but rumors abound that they may be meeting with Mystel behind the barriers of Baldera.

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