A few suggestions and ideas

I am kind of new here but I been loving the game so far almost done with the story level 64 at the argon war end zones. However I do enjoy fishing, crafting, gathering, cooking,etc. It makes the game even more fun but I was thinking of mentioning some suggestions and see what others think.

1.Being able to trade from one location to another. I mean like you can buy some commodities from velkia like say a crate of iron and you will have to take them to reachable by foot towns. Similar to how bdo does it. I think adding trading like that can make things more interesting.

2. Escorting missions, there were a few quest were you had to escort a wagon or siege weapon or a person. I like quest like that but maybe we can have dailies quest? Unless there are dailies one and I just been missing them. I enjoy escorting somebody somewhere whether is war, research or personal related.

3. More companions. So far there are only a few and little and what they do. Would like to see that expanded more so solo players can have some company while adventuring the beautiful world.
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