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02/11/2020 - V90 "Crescent Sea" Patch Notes

[Crescent Sea Update]

New Dungeon: Sea of Honor

  • Battle waves of boarders on a ship under attack!

    • Level: 65 or higher
    • Maximum Number of Players: 5
    • Entries: 1/week (2/week for elite status); requires Sea of Honor Voyage Map [Difficulty 1-4] to enter.
      • Players can obtain the Sea of Honor Voyage Map [Difficulty 1-4] from dungeons bosses/field monsters.
      • The map cannot be traded, brokered, nor stored in the Guild Bank.
      • Up to 5 players can enter the dungeon using the same map.
      • The Sea of Honor Voyage Map [Difficulty 1-4] is temporary (15 days).
  • To enter, talk to Ronyn at Cutthroat Harbor, in Ostgarath.

  • After entering the dungeon, use the Sea of Honor Voyage Map [Difficulty 1-4] to select the difficulty and proceed.

    • The monsters have different HP, Attack Power, and abilities, based on the chosen difficulty.
  • Rewards: (A bonus box is provided if completed within 30 minutes)

Level of Difficulty Rewards
Difficulty 1 Extensive XP Tome
Silver Talents / Silver Siglos
Metamorphic Emblems
Difficulty 2 Exodor Weapon Enchanting Scroll [Rare]
Exodor Armor Enchanting Scroll [Rare]
Azart Expedition Badges
Metamorphic Emblems
Difficulty 3 Exodor Weapon Enchanting Scroll [Superior]
Exodor Armor Enchanting Scroll [Superior]
Azart Expedition Badges
Metamorphic Emblems
Difficulty 4 Exodor Weapon Enchanting Scroll [Superior]
Exodor Armor Enchanting Scroll [Superior]
Ishara's Halidom I
Amarun's Relic I
Bonus Box 50–150 Guardian's Voyage Tokens


  • We’ve made a few adjustments to veilthroch, the enchanting process, and the Titus card.
    • Veilthroch is now available in the Metamorphic Emblem Shop.
    • When enchanting fails, there is a chance that the equipment will be protected from damage, despite the enchanting level decrease. Instead, there will be a higher chance for just damage (without level decrease). Note that the final damage chance remains the same.
    • Titus Card Balance
      • Cost reduced from 6 → 5
      • Current Titus card stats have been adjusted, due to the change in cost:
        • Common Titus Card
          • Physical Amplification: 1393 → 1197
          • Magic Amplification: 1393 → 1197
        • Uncommon Titus Card
          • Physical Amplification: 2090 → 1795
          • Magic Amplification: 2090 → 1795

New Class – Elin Valkyrie

  • Elins can now be valkyries!
    • You can now create an elin valkyrie during character creation.
    • Due to the new class combo, the total number of slots a player can have has been increased to 23.

Guild Quest Improvement

  • Look for improvements and adjustments to TERA’s guild quests.
    • Guild quest rewards—including Guild Funds and weekly maximum XP—have increased slightly.
    • We are introducing the Valderon Token System:
      • Guild members receive Valderon Tokens as guild quest rewards.
      • Players can also earn weekly rewards according to the amount of Valderon Tokens they’ve collected.
        • Players can earn rewards up to 3 times per week, with rewards and requirements being different based on the guild size.
      • The number of accumulated Valderon Tokens is reset at midnight UTC every Sunday.
      • Players can repeat guild quests until they reach the weekly maximum amount of Valderon Tokens. (To facilitate this, we have removed the daily limit on guild quests.)
    • Changed Guild Quests
      • We changed the victory requirements for battleground quests to apply on all battlefields.
      • Changed hunting quests:
        • Hunting quest targets will now include all races.
        • Added monster hunting quests.
      • Added the following hunting zone boss monsters to the existing guild quests:
        • Ortan, Hazard, Cerrus
      • The category “Gathering” has been changed to “Activities.”
      • Added fishing quests.
    • Changed quest limits so that all guilds (regardless of size) can complete the same quests.
    • Changed guild member authority setting from “Accept guild quest” to “Cancel guild quest.”
      • New guild members now have the authority to cancel quests automatically after the first reset of their Valderon Tokens.
    • We have increased the number of quests guild members can perform at the same time.
    • Updated rally guild quest times:
      • The Monday Rally guild quest time now begins 6 hours earlier.
      • The Thursday Rally guild quest is now rescheduled to Saturdays.
    • Note:
      • All guild quest progress will be wiped regardless of status.
      • Changes to guild size will update at the same time as the Valderon Tokens reset.
      • New guild members cannot perform guild quests nor receive weekly rewards until the first Valderon Token reset time after they join the guild.

Improved Ghillieglade Rewards

  • We increased the drop rate of enchanting materials.
  • We removed the following item drops:

    • Wood Scrap
    • Archdevan Catalyst
    • Metal Fragment
  • We added the following item drops:

    • Veilthroch
    • Banyakas Coins

      • Can be exchanged for glyphs and Accessory Amplifiers.
    • Accessory Amplifier I, Accessory Amplifier II

    • Skill Advancement XP
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