Shadow Reaping Skill cooldown bug

i have a bug with my Reaper Xerana lvl 69.
Shadow Reaping Skill is 1:30 cooldown (without cooldown reduction)
i unlocked the Blackout effect in advance skills menu and the cooldown is now 2:30 approximately
Skill description still says 1:30 cooldown
and Blackout effect doesn't says anything about cooldown modification.
Effect reads:
You and 3 nearby allies receive a cloak effect for 4 seconds. Caster receives (Assassination: Shrouded Escape) effect.


  • 3.00 minutes is the cd without cd reduction... Doubles the CD of one my most important skills.
    Specially frustrating since i spent 65,000 gold and 300 Skill Optimization scrolls for a skill that heavily nerf my dmg output without any warning.

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