accumulated login event now showing

hi, i've been playing tera for months and always trying to participate in the events and now with the accumulated login event which gives you one infinity coin per day is not working for me, i've tried to repair and run diagnostic tool and nothing happens. The accumulated login tab doesn't even show on my options tab plus calendar not working too, i try to click and nothing shows. just wanted to know if they are working on it to solve this issue and after talking to ppl on global chat there are others who are having the same issue as me, there is even an attached pic i sent showing my options bar where the accumulated login was supposed to be and its empty, i've sent a ticket and no answer yet.

link for the image:


  • having the same issue, not receiving any daily login reward since march. please help to fix asap

  • I sent in a ticket. I'm not surprised they haven't addressed this yet.

  • Have same issue also, tried repairing, re downloading twice, and switching to steam version, still nothing

  • it's been 4 days and nothing happens, they didn't even answer my ticket...

  • they need work one it , same thing happen to me, event Daily event doesn't work for me.

  • same thing happen to me... event Daily event doesn't work for me

  • the event doesn't show up and I sent a ticket no and response I hope there's a fix

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    lel gave 2 weeks of free elite and people can't even play the game most of the days. Events broken, stuff keeps bugging out, UI issues still occur I just don't even know anymore.

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