Level 37 Archer, why is weapon enchant capped at 3?

I can't enchant my bow pass +3 with Relic Fragments


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    The revamped Avatar weapons don't need more stages, since what used to be the +3, +6 and +9 lines were condensed down into coming at +1, +2 and +3.

    So pretty much just some further streamlining of the leveling process. If you're looking to take it higher due to some guide that you found then the guide is outdated on this topic. +3 for the weapon is fully enchanted during the level 1-64 phase.

    You'll get weapons that can enchant past +3 once you reach level 65.

  • Alright so I once met someone who was around level 30 with a weapon with a red background, and it was level 9. I've also acquired a red background item myself, but I can't enchant it. What are these weapons?

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    As far as I understand it, those are the remaining vestiges of the previous dungeon drops. There used to be superior quality (the golden name color) items from bosses distinct from what was also put into the leveling tokens (XXII, LV, ... Token). Some of those could even get enchanted to +12, requiring an item that you could realistically only acquire via gameplay if you had access to a level 65 character already.

    For some reason they seem to still not have fully purged them from the drop tables.

    The weapons always were effectively inferior to the Avatar weapons for all intents and purposes, even if they had slightly more attack directly on them or different roll options, since the increased crit chance and other lines on the Avatar weapon pretty much trumped them badly. (Which of course makes sense since they predate the Avatar weapons even existing.)

    To say nothing about how very pointless the resource expenditure to enchant them was/is compared to how they only last for one to three dungeon runs before you're into the next one and replacing them already. Which is another thing that seems to have pushed for moving to the current +3 only approach.

    A red inventory background should indicate that you aren't meeting some of the requirements for the weapon. Be it level, class or even race on some. The specific requirements not being met should also be shown in red on the mouse over item description.

    Also, not all weapons or armor can be enchanted during the level 1-64 phase, so that can be another reason for why it may not go into the enchanting/forge window. Some items may also require that you first set their options (enigmatic items, the items with a question mark on them, may fall into this category, though some may also be possible to enchant without removing the enigma) or that they are bound to you (having been equipped at least once) before they can be enchanted.

    If you meant some other kind of red item then I'm not aware of them, though they could have added them during one of their most recent tweaking of the leveling process, since it's been some time since I've last leveled a new character.

  • Thanks for you detailed response.

    Basically, the background of the weapon box is a red-purple gradient and the name of it is light blue. To be more specific it's a bow called 'Verity' which I got from a dungeon. And yeah I guess this was an enigmatic weapon because I had to choose the stats of it and then soulbind it.

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    Provided it's this bow, then it's just a case of an item that can't be enchanted. I've never managed to work out if there is some kind of visual indicator on the icon for this state, since the color gradient that you noted doesn't seem to serve that purpose.

    Usually I just rely on if the item gets grayed out when I open up the enchanting/forge window to tell one way or the other, if it isn't noted somehow on the tooltip.

    The parts of the icon that give information are:

    • The colored small corner in the top left. This is the color of the rarity of the item. The name in the tooltip is the same color. Common rarity (white names) items do not show this arrow.
    • The number in the bottom right is the stack count. If it stacks it will seems to always show a number there currently, even if it's just a single instance in your inventory. (Please be aware that the maximum number of items in a stack can differ between inventory and bank. Usually they stack higher in the bank, but this is not always the case. Not all items stack to a different count either.)
    • At the bottom left can be a small clock face icon, this indicates a temporary item that has an expiration timer. They will fade on their own once this timer elapses.
    • The top right can show a small red N for items that have recently been added to your inventory. Mousing over them will make that go away. It will also fade on its on as you open and close the inventory or have more items added, but this is a bit inconsistent in how it happens for me.
    • The top right will also show the enchanting level of the item, provided it has been enchanted at least one time. This is shown as a simple +number. (+1, +2)
    • The bottom right will show a different enhancement rank for some items (relics, halidoms; level 66+ content), where the grade is shown in roman numerals (I, II, ...)

    There used to be a Masterwork indicator as well, if memory serves, but I haven't seen that in a long time, so not sure where that went, bottom right I think, but, well...

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