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Crafting Basics?

*This is a cross post as I accidently posted on PC forum originally, but figured it couldn't hurt to leave up. Oops!*

Want to start off with saying I'm a *hugeee* MMo fan and one of my favorite things to always jump into? Crafting!

That being said, while I find most crafting systems easy as pie to jump into, Tera's baffles the hell outta me! I have plentyyy of crafting material as I can't ever pass a resource withput harvesting it, but I can't figure out the basics of crafting.

You'd think it'd be simple, right? Nahhhh.

So, would anyone like to give me a rundown please?

If it's easier to message on PSN, my handle is Forsaken_Corvid
I however am lacking a mic at this moment unfortunately.
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