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Lvl 59 Reaper Quest Log empty (PS4)

After speaking with Hasmina & Kunar on "New Member of the Federation", my quest log has nothing in it - no missions, no guidance. I have a support request in, but its like they don't know what I'm talking about.


  • advance your character to level 60 or 61 to start the new mission, you completed all the missions until the level 59, you can do daily quests or fishing to earn xp and advance the level

  • CuSidhe94CuSidhe94
    edited May 18

    I have the same issue but I have no daily quests available and fishing is bugged and grants no exp. also battlegrounds and dungeons grant zero exp. my character is legitimately bugged and every support ticket I send to en masse gets the same response about how this is intended and to do daily quests or to fish. Which I would do if I wasn’t bugged so in my opinion en masse needs to rework their quest system again.

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