[TERA PC] With anniversary concluded and our servers stabilized, we are re-enabling the Adventure Coin system, starting 10 a.m. PT on June 5 (Fri) with the scheduled Weekend Dungeon Highlight. Thank you for understanding.
[TERA PC] We confirmed that an issue with Civil Unrest persists, so Civil Unrest will remain disabled until further notice. Thank you for understanding.

4/7/2020 - V92 "Kaia's War" Patch Notes

Kaia’s War Update 


  • Added Triumph Trophies
    • Unique rewards for the top-ranking player of each Battleground leaderboard season.
Battleground Reward
Corsair’s Stronghold Corsairs' Stronghold Triumph Trophy
Shore Hold Shore Hold Triumph Trophy
  • Triumph Trophies can be sold to shops for 250,000 gold or exchanged for battleground-specific rewards.

  • Collect six Triumph Trophies to exchange for a Hexatrophy; Collect ten Triumph Trophies to exchange for a Decatrophy.

    • A Hexatrophy can be exchanged for a custom title

    • A Decatrophy can be exchanged for a custom weapon skin.

    • All custom rewards are awarded at the sole discretion of En Masse, and subject to review.

  • The first Triumph Trophies will be awarded after the start of season 13, and any unused Triumph Trophies will be removed from inventory on April 7, 2021.

Battleground Vanguard Requests

  • Increased gold rewards for the following battlegrounds:

    • Corsair’s Stronghold (2,200 Gold to 3,000 Gold)

    • Shore Hold (800 Gold to 2,500 Gold)

    • Champions’ Skyring (200 gold to 500 gold)

  • Added reward: (Random) Skill Advancement XP Tome Box

    • Contains a random Skill Advancement XP Tome worth between 30000 – 200000 skill advancement XP.

    Bellicarium Shop

  • Reduced prices on PVP enhancement materials

    • Resale value of enhancement materials has been reduced by 10%.
Item Old Price New Price
Violet Particle 31,250 3,125
Violet Plate 218,750 21,875
Azure Particle 31,250 3,125
Azure Plate 218,750 21,875
  • Added the following items.
Item Price
Skill Advancement Tome (200,000) 1,000,000
Refined Lepidoptera Crystal Dust 200,000
Refined Lepidoptera Crystal Powder 200,000
Purified Ring Fragment 200,000
Purified Ornament Fragment 200,000
Honed Dark Shard Cohesion Arcane 1,500,000
Annealed Dark Shard Cohesion Arcane 1,000,000
Refined Duranium Fragment 10,000


Developer comments
We’ve added some PVE rewards to battlegrounds, with lower drop rates than in instanced dungeons. We've also lessened the grind on improving skills by adding skill XP items to battleground rewards and shops. We will address instanced dungeons at a later date. The stats on battleground gear are lower than those for mythic-rarity items, but this process offers an alternate path to upgrading your gear that maintains your current performance and significantly reduces the difficulty of acquiring upgrade materials. This change also makes battleground gear more useful in Civil Unrest: Velika.

Civil Unrest: Velika

  • Added more prep time

    • Players may now assemble and prepare in the Civil Unrest start zone 120 minutes prior to the start of Civil Unrest: Velika. (Prep time was previously 30 minutes.)
  • Changed the Valderon token cost for admission by guild size:

    • Small: 700 tokens

    • Medium: 1,100 tokens

    • Large: 1,500 tokens

  • Guilds with fewer than 5 members in the Civil Unrest zone at the start of Civil Unrest: Velika will have their towers automatically destroyed and their members ejected from the zone.

  • Significantly increased the kill points for defeating opponents.

  • Changed reward distribution

    • Increased the gold reward for Rank 1.

    • Gold rewards for Ranks 2–5 are now spread out to Rank 20.

    • Guild supply box rewards have been expanded from Ranks 1–5 out to Rank 40, and the contents of the boxes have changed.

Rank Reward Components qty
1 Regal Guild Supplies Exodor Random Gear Box × 5 ×5
Bellicarium Credits 150,000
Violet Particles 100 – 200
Violet Plates 10 – 30
Azure Particles 100 – 200
Azure Plates 10 – 30
Riding Skill: Tanner ×1
2–3 Princely Guild Supplies Exodor Random Gear Box ×3
Bellicarium Credits 100,000
Violet Particles 70 – 140
Violet Plates 7 – 21
Azure Particles 70 – 140
Azure Plates 7 – 21
4 –10 Baronial Guild Supplies Exodor Random Gear Box ×2
Bellicarium Credits 75,000
Violet Particle 60 – 120
Violet Plate 6 – 18
Azure Particle 60 – 120
Azure Plate 6 – 18
11–40 Ducal Guild Supplies Exodor Random Gear Box ×2
Bellicarium Credits 75,000
Violet Particles 50 – 100
Violet Plates 5 – 15
Azure Particles 50 – 100
Azure Plates 5 – 15
  • Bellicarium Credit awards may be increased by Elite Status or reputation boosts.

  • Exodor Random Gear boxes contain either one (1) piece of random rare or superior Exodor equipment, or an Annihilation/Dark Light mask, brooch, or belt.

Rally Quests

  • The top 5 raids/parties now receive guild supply boxes as follows:

    • Rank 1: Princely Guild Supplies

    • Rank 2–3: Baronial Guild Supplies

    • Rank 2–5: Ducal Guild Supplies

  • Increased rally monster HP and changed spawn regions

    • Sabranak - Howling Glacier

    • Anansha - Timeless Forest

    • Frygaras - Screaming Snowfield


Developer comments
Civil Unrest participation has been different than our initial expectations, so we’ve added entrance restrictions and outpost destruction conditions. Also, the guild rewards were outdated, so we’ve adjusted them to reflect the current state of the game, and also extended the new reward boxes to Rally Quests.


Exodor Archipelago

  • Changed mob locations in the following areas:

    • Azart Base

    • Rosema Tribe Residence

    • Kerozen Isle

    • Dark Hollow

    • Crystal Tor

    • Murderwing Monarch Rest Area

    • Murderwing Monarch Hunting Zone.

  • Reduced monster aggro across the board.

  • Reduced HP of normal and medium mobs.

  • Removed Dark Shard Feedstock Boxes from loot tables.

  • Named monsters now spawn randomly while killing mobs, instead of at fixed intervals. (Low probability.)

  • Adjusted named monster loot table.

    • Added Core-Blasted Stone Breaker.

    • Added Improved Dark Shard weapon and armor feedstock.

    • Removed Skill Advancement XP.

    • Boss Weapon Treasure Chests no longer drop for all party members.



  • Gossamer Vault (Hard)

    • Absorption attack damage has changed from being proportional damage to a fixed amount.
  • Corrupted Skynest

    • Reduced the damage of the outer Mana Field from 100,000 to 50,000.
  • The following dungeons have updated drops, and adjusted Adventure Coin costs:

    • Red Refuge – 150 coins

    • Velik’s Hold – 100 coins

    • RK-9 Kennel – 150 coins

    • Velik’s Sanctuary – 100 coins

    • Macellarius Catacombs – 80 coins

    • Antaroth’s Ayss (Hard) – 200 coins

    • Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard) - 200 coins

    • Bahaar’s Sanctum – 250 coins

    • Gossamer Vault (Hard) – 200 coins

    • Akalath Quarantine – 200 coins

    • Corrupted Skynest – 250 coins

    • Corrupted Skynest (Hard) – 250 coins

    • Forbidden Arena– 250 coins

  • The following dungeons (and their associated Vanguard Requests) have been removed.

    • Demokron Factory (Hard)

    • Gossamer Vault

    • Demokron Factory

    • RK-9 Kennel (Hard)

    • Ruinous Manor (Hard)

    • Velik's Sanctuary (Hard)

    • Antaroth's Abyss

    • Grotto of Lost Souls

    • Ruinous Manor

    • Shadow Sanguinary

    • Dark Reach Citadel

    • Lilith's Keep

    • Thaumetal Refinery

    • Ravenous Gorge

    • Channelworks


UI Changes

  • Added Social Media options to the main menu.

Item Changes

  • Changed the visual effects on item drops

    • Certain items are now marked with a gold, purple, or crimson column of light.

  • New Gear: Exodor Scout

  • Awarded from the Velika Banquet quest

    • Intended to ease the transition into Exodor Archipelago content.

    • Enchanted with Exodor Scout weapon or armor feedstock.


General Leveling Improvements

  • Level 50-55 Quests

    • Reduced HP and damage for quest targets.
  • Akasha's Hideout (Solo)

    • Reduces the amount and frequency of recovery skills used by Shati's priests.

    • Adjusted some debuff skills to prevent enemy resistances.

  • Ebon Tower (Solo)

    • Reduced HP of named bosses.

    • Thulsa’s poison pools now disappear over time.

    • Adjusted some debuff skills to prevent enemy resistances.

Known Issues 

  • Item icons in the Item Claim UI display as placeholder images.
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