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04/09/2020 - v83.03 Hotfix Patch Notes


  1. Marrow Brooch Dismantle Data Added Temporarily
  • For a limited time period, if you dismantle a Marrow Brooch, some of the materials needed to create a Shadow Hunter Brooch will be obtained.
  • Materials can be obtained from dismantling marrow brooch for about 8 weeks. We will announce further notice for the exact finishing date.
  • Dismantling Marrow Brooch will temporarily yield the following materials: Orthan’s Horn x50, Hazard’s Scale x50, Cerrus’s Nail x50
  1. Bug Fixes
  • Daily Reward Receive Log (for Guardian and Bounty Hunt Missions) being reset if the character is reconnected after receiving the reward
  • Crit passive skills of Dragon, Phoenix, Songbird kind mounts not increasing crit damage when activated
  • Selling count not being reset even after the reset time of Association Fishmonger
  • Temporarily freezing when an accessory skill is used while running ‘Defeat Lamoureux’ Bounty Hunt Mission
  • Within Inventory UI, item list not displaying upon navigating to consumable tab after using a consumable with a cooldown time
  • When using an evasion skill with a class that can perform back-to-back evasions, evasion skill shortcut not displaying properly
  • World Event’s Bounty Hunt tab displaying Weekly Score at Daily Score part
  • Rex dinosaur loot box tooltip including a typo
  1. Additional Issue
  • A user reported that when using the Valkyrie skill Ragnarok, occasionally Spinning Death is cast automatically. Hence, we fixed the skill as detailed below:

  • When using Ragnarok or Titansbane after using up to the second hit of Spinning Death, Spinning Death cannot be cast, as cooldown time is applied immediately. (If Ragnarok buff resets the cooldown time, it can be cast.)

  • While the skill effect of Titansbane or Ragnarok is active, Spinning Death cannot be used.

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