[TERA PC] With anniversary concluded and our servers stabilized, we are re-enabling the Adventure Coin system, starting 10 a.m. PT on June 5 (Fri) with the scheduled Weekend Dungeon Highlight. Thank you for understanding.
[TERA PC] We confirmed that an issue with Civil Unrest persists, so Civil Unrest will remain disabled until further notice. Thank you for understanding.


Ever since you added this feature, it feels like 90% of the game has been restricted. I help enough new players on my own. I want to run dungeons with my group of friends. Instance matching takes forever, you have to beg global chat to join, you don't know if anyone is even joining, and I just end up spending so much time I can't get my 16 daily vanguard requests done anymore. I can't even get close. You've either grossly overestimated how many players you have on console, or you just don't care. I started Tera three months ago and it's been my favorite online game since then, but now I'm bored. My interest is waning and I'm hearing the same from many other players. No one likes it, it isn't working. Tera is essentially destroyed at this point. I hoped your maintenance today may have included the deletion of this feature since I was told you were taking feedback on it seriously, but I just feel like a clown for wasting my last week struggling to make any progress. I wasted three months investing time in a game that became a dumpster fire overnight. I feel bad for all these people spending money on elite and Tera store items because you know they'll keep buying it until you finally chase away enough players to shut down the server and focus on mobile. A week ago me and my friends were praising Tera in Freedom Square for hours and now we just want to quit. There's nothing to do. The only dungeons I can get into anymore are the ones that take too long to get through like Red Refuge Hard and Forsaken Island, or they're broken like the banana mech in Thaumetal Refinery Hard, or they're just too hard for me at the moment. I'm not going to play any more dungeons with random matches and spending hours in a low level dungeon with people who aren't going to communicate so they can learn. If this isn't fixed within the next week, I quit. You can keep your broken updates.


  • RustigoRustigo ✭✭
    I've done a ton of solo queing as a dps and have been getting groups fairly fast and consistently. Also you can still do them with friends it's just a little trickier. My guild does two dps and a tank then one dps and a healer, que at the same time and we always match.
  • Your experience may be different than mine and all my friends, but we spend too much time waiting and begging global chat instead of just leaving an LFG up so people know to apply and who they will be playing with or how many are waiting to start the dungeon. And if this really is meant to help new players, then they're much less likely to have the friends and communication that we have to get it done.
  • I was going to write a long post on the mistake the developers made with this change, but it looks like Bocaj470 beat me to it. This change is driving many players away. Especially paying players. What a disaster. Oh well. Bye-bye.

  • If you have to leave certain dungeons matching or walk in with full group whatever but being unable to play with friends is garbage! Expecially when it comes to guild quests.
  • Couldn't agree more. Also warrior/berserker still have no way to match as tanks making it hard to train with them before you take them in harder dungeons. Or any person new to their class for that matter. I want to be able to still get a full group of friends and guild members and be able to run dungeons with new players without the stress of random people in the group being rude or worse at the dungeon, causing more trouble than it's worth. Matching only is a huge mistake.
  • Bocaj a tout résumé ce système est un échec . Les développeurs ont clairement commis une erreur car si mes amis et moi ne pouvons pas jouer ensemble a tera il est clair que sur d'autres jeux nous le pouvons .
    Merci aux développeurs....

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