[TERA Console] Patch notes for the upcoming v85.01 Update are now available. Preview all of the changes coming on August 11 here: https://bit.ly/TERACon_v85
[TERA PC] Patch Notes are now available for TERA's 64-bit update (v97). Check out all the changes coming on August 11 here: https://bit.ly/tera64_patchnotes
[TERA PC & CONSOLE] One week left in Summerfest, Part 1: Festival of the Sun! Part 2: The Beach Bash kicks off August 11. Participate in Summerfest activities to earn tokens redeemable for costumes, consumables, mounts, and more! Details: https://bit.ly/tera_sf20

TERA Anniversary: Items returning to the store for a limited time!

Starting May 29 at 10am, and going until June 2 at 10am, check out the following items returning to the TERA store for a limited time!

  1. Elite Hanbok Bundle*
  2. TERA Anniversary Footsteps: Fire
  3. TERA Anniversary Footsteps: Ice
  4. Dyeable Elin Spring Maid Uniform Loot Box
  5. Record Label Smart Box
  6. Straight Outta Kaiator Loot Box
  7. School's Out Loot Box
  8. School Bag Loot Box
  9. Elin Summer Sprinkle Raincoat
  10. Rainy Day Loot Box
  11. Qubic Weapon Skin
  12. Tetrachromic Weapon Skin
  13. Retro Lootbox
  14. Emulator Lootbox
  15. Salty Cat Bento Box
  16. Lucky Cat Bento Box
  17. Denim Box
  18. Crimson Koi
  19. Azure Koi
  20. Ebon Koi
  21. Fished Opportunity Loot Box
  22. Sakura Footsteps Loot Box
  23. Supernal Weapon Skin
  24. Angelic Weapon Skin
  25. Heavens Fury Loot Box
  26. Hellbound Weapon Skin
  27. Diabolic Weapon Skin
  28. Hells Blessing Loot Box
  29. Heavenly Rewards Loot Box
  30. Heaven or Hell Costume Bundle
  31. Celestial Host Costume Bundle

*Elite Status must be active to purchase the Elite Hanbok Bundle.

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