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🌸 Dolly’s Art Palace 🌸 [OPEN]

I’ve been playing Tera on and off since it was released many moons ago. I never frequented the forums but I’m glad I stumbled upon it now, especially since there’s an art section! Yay! 🌸

Idk how to use this forum so idk how to post the example pics other than a link lol! ;; Sorry!

As a fan of drawing cute stuff and Elins, I decided to try my luck here! ~
I’ll only be offering chibis at this time!

$30 each
PayPal only, please! ;w;

🌸 Examples 🌸

🌸 Rules 🌸
- Elins only OR cute characters of any race!
- No heavy armor
- Weapons.. depends but will charge extra
- Payment first, no exceptions
- No couples, only solo!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
You can add me on discord if I accept your commission as well!

🌸 Form 🌸
Character Ref: Clear refs please!
Extra Info: Pose, personality, etc
PayPal email: You can leave this blank and DM me once I accept! :3
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