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New Ideas for TERA 2020

  1. New class that uses a large ring blade. A ring/hoop blade like Tira from Soul Calibur uses. The class wouldn't need to be a 'dancer' class but could use some dance moves, mostly acrobatic/gymnastic moves. Not sure exactly what class type it would be though, certainly something of a DPS.

  2. New skill for Berzerker. I saw this in a comicbook once. The Berzerker plants the axe handle in the ground with the blade facing out. The axe then starts drawing enemies towards itself 'magnetically' or 'magically', dealing out devastating damage to large groups of smaller enemies.

  3. New mount/ride Bicycles! I think this would be fun, especially since Tera has already had funny rides like cars. There could also be amusingly small bicycles to ride, especially thinking for Popori, and Baraka. Also Big Wheels style trikes with long rakes, and Penny-Farthings.

  4. There are women NPCs in the snowy regions that are wearing a burgundy/brown pants and coat outfit with white fur lining. I'd love to be able to get that for my female characters, at least human, high elf.

    I may add to this list later. I may collect all the ideas I've posted for Tera in the last couple years here.

EDIT June 14.

  1. Idea for Gunner specific vehicle: The gun the Gunners carry is giant. It would be cool if Gunners could also ride their gun like a hover bike. Vehicles aren't used in combat so this wouldn't be a problem. As soon as you need to shoot it skips animation frames from riding to regular standing and shooting. Also this would technically not be a flying vehicle but landbound like a horse, it just hovers off the ground.

  2. Feminine fauxhawk pixie cuts available for Elins and most likely all females

  3. Item Inventory suggestion: Quest and Costume items should no longer count towards Inventory total. Maybe even Bank totals too.

  4. A new Spartan Class. This is a class armed with a shield and spear, and in this "mode" is a Tank, but lighter than a Lancer. Also with the switch of a button the Spartan swaps out the spear for a short sword and becomes a DPS. So a class that can transform from Shield and Spear light-Tank, to a shield and sword DPS (heavy DPS?). Lots of balancing would need to be worked out, benefits and detriments. I think there's a lot of potential there though for a cool and fun class.

  5. Idea for emotes and animations: I think it would be great if we could choose emotes and animations from all the various races and classes when customizing our character. Running, jumping, walking, idle animations, and the style of each emote. Create a female character and you can choose from all the female animations and emotes, Same with the male characters, the whole range of male animations and emotes are there to choose from.

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