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Free Character Art


I'm new to Tera/the forums and looking to draw some player characters for fun and practice, so leave a reference below if you'd like some free sketches/art. :) If you have a character outside of Tera, that's okay too! Feel free to include personality traits or poses and I'll try my best to incorporate. I'm better at drawing females but I will give any character a shot.


  • NaileenNaileen ✭✭

    Hi! First of all thank you for an opportunity :)
    Here are my girls.
    I'll leave a bit of their background, I'm an artist too and know that it's always easier and more interesting to draw a character if you know who he or she is :) So if you like them - they are all yours to draw xD
    Actually.. Their origin isn't Arborea. They are came from another world and there are more than meets the eye. Castanic one is Naileen Flammvor - she's a half dragon that can transform into a dragon form if she wants to. She's a weapon master and ex-queen that loves her people a lot and her top priority is to defend ones she love. In Arborea she is a gunner but originally she wields a big scythe or a rapier. (Sad that only elins have reaper class)
    Appearance is: amber colored eyes without pupils, red hair and a mole under left eye. Also have an oblique scar on left hand from shoulder till elbow (from the outside), also she always wears loose hair.
    Second one is Naonavain Flammvor. She's Naileen daughter that was forcedly moved to Arborea when she was a little girl. In Arborea she was reborn in Tirkai Forest before it was argonized. A taleted healer that hates killing others, convinced that any soul, even the darkest, can be saved. Kind, doesn't give up even in worst situations, loves her parents (both adoptive and real).
    Appearance is: brown eyes that sometimes turn into green ones, long brown hair that can seem to be gray in some lighting, always carrying an ice flower hairpin with her (this item is really important to her).
    Thank you in advance! Sorry if bored you with details xD I love my characters and have lot of them. Also I can share more of them if you will want.
    Good luck and have lots of inspiration!

  • AkymiAkymi ✭✭
    edited June 18

    Heyy Welcome to Tera, and thanks for this opportunity ! <3
    Here is my priest If you like here :3 You can delete the blue halo (and scarf) and try something else like black ribbon or something (or flowers like the second pic that I added, your choice!), she's pretty always in full black skins lol but you can add some little colors if u want ! Thanks !


  • @Naileen

    I love all your character details! Unfortunately I am not skilled enough to make like an epic story-esque scene or anything ;_; ... but I hope a portrait of Naileen will do!

  • NaileenNaileen ✭✭

    O GOSH!
    I like it very much! Thank you, thank you, thank you <3<3<3 love colors and her expression. Like she's saying - "you came to the wrong place, my dear" xD

  • Hi!
    I play the EU version of tera so i hope this is ok.
    This is my elin mystic named Baby , the poses shes in the most are either crying or blushing.
    She doesnt really have much of a back story but feel free to add whatever cute background you like.


  • AlairesAlaires
    edited June 22


    Such a cute character! I'm testing out a new art program so I don't know how to make the background transparent, but I hope you like!

    Edit: I figured it out, here's a transparent version!

  • IvonneIvonne ✭✭

    Hi! Welcome to Tera :3 I love ur art is so nice!
    This is my cute ninja, my baby<3 She is always dressed in pink or pastel colors

  • AkymiAkymi ✭✭
    edited June 23

    @Alaires said:

    OMMMMMG. She is so cute, I am soooo happy, thank you very much !! <3<3<3

  • I'm posting these characters to both of the free art threads. I hope that's not rude.

    Identical twins with diametrically opposed personalities and fashion sense:
    Kynquie Ouquet
    Veurjenal Ouquet

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