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TERA - End of the Journey | 'Dramatic' video with Priest logo! |

Was bored today... wanted to trying something that I don't usually do, so I went to a nice spot in TERA and made it look more dramatic xD


  • Unedited - Purely TERA

    Edited - TERA + Effects

    Video thumbnail!

  • NuriMGDNuriMGD
    edited June 22

    Oh and here's the Priest class emblem! It's 900x900!
    I couldn't find a large one online, so I just went and made one. It isn't exactly the same, but it is roughly the same!
    Edit: It's also transparent!

  • NaileenNaileen ✭✭

    looks nice! what soft did you used?

  • @Naileen said:
    looks nice! what soft did you used?

    Adobe After Effects

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