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Theory about the new portals w/ the trees

So, around Highwatch and Exodor (where I've seen them, not sure if there are any others) are portals with white branches growing out of them: some in Exodor even have light pink glowing leaves. To me, these trees look suspiciously similar to the trees in the old Island of Dawn and Stepstone Isle.

My theory is that the portals are linked to Arun and Shara: as we all know, they're dreaming, and as a result their bodies form the continents. I think that the portals might lead to their consciousness/dreamscape, and that it was dormant for a long time (meaning no portals) but now they're waking up, making the dreamscape "take over" (Because the portals appear to be increasing in number). The trees I believe are formed from their tears, so perhaps Arun and Shara could be becoming tainted from nightmares? That's all I have for now.


  • To add onto this: after seeing this image, I think the dreamscape could also be some sort of afterlife

  • photo of one of the portals w/ the trees and leaves (this one is in velika near the pegasus platform)

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