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What happened to crafting.

I've been away for 3-4 years, now I logged in my account, with 4 toons on it and noticed that 50% of all my itens including potions, scrolls are useless (no longer used), all my toons had at least 400 crafting level on one system and one of my toons was 800 in alchemy as shown bellow

When I tried to craft new working potions, none of the crafting tables are lit, there are no interactions and there's no decent up to date guide on it, so what's going on?


  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭
    edited June 30

    Crafting in general was re-tuned for level 65+ characters, it is not intended as an activity that you can really engage in while leveling. A number of the recipes outright require you to be level 65 or higher to even learn them. The price points for recipes/designs and materials are aimed at the gold income of a level 65+ character as well.

    Nearly all potions that previously existed were 'optimized' away. This happened during the patch that removed charms and introduced the Battle Solutions/Nostrums (Everful Nostrum is just a Prime Battle Solution by another name, the one on your Elite bar, if you have that, is indeed everful for as long as you have Elite, so you can just keep on using that whenever you need the buff). Besides the 50% healing potion and the Rejuvenation potions remaining, there were only 3 potables (the new healing and mana potions) each for mana and HP at first, all vendor buyable. They have since introduced more that you need to farm via other means, though the direct HP value healing potables are of somewhat dubious use, given the inflation HP totals went through. You can craft the 50% Health Pots and the Rejuvenation Potions. Bravery Potions can be either crafted or bought from a vendor, if you for some reason need more of them than you can acquire through other means.

    Strong Bravery Potions and the Canephoreas of both types have effectively been removed from the game. There are some remaining stocks of them but no more new sources for them.

    Crafting tables are dead and serve no purpose, you just always use the crafting window and can do so pretty much wherever you want. The ones at the crafting areas are just decoration now.

    Your window shows that you don't actually know any of the recipes, thus the grayed out craft buttons. (See that checkmark at the bottom left of the crafting window? Untick that to only see the recipes that you know and thus can craft, rather than all of the ones that exist. Keep in mind that it will always return to the checked state as default.) You need to buy the recipes from the Materials vendors. There is a dedicated tab for that. Some of the recipes are sold by the Fishing Supplies vendor (Cooking recipes) and Angler Token vendor (Fish crates, Baits). The Exodor recipes are sold by the reputation merchants for that part of the world.

    Mastering all of the professions on different characters on your account will gain you an extra 300 Production Point cap. (Master adds 60 per mastered profession, Artisan 30. Only the best for a profession counts and it only counts once.) No, you still can't do that all on a single character, so you need five if you want all five at Master and the corresponding 300 extra PP.

    You can now have a second profession reach Artisan skill level, after you have reached Master on your first one. So, one Master, one Artisan, the rest stuck at the 500 skill level is the limit on a character.

    You can now buy an item that will take you to 800 automatically, for some 321,000 gold. The limits about only one Master and such still apply. This option was only introduced with the v95 patch.

    Gathering also has items available to let you max them out.

    Gathering requires you to craft a gathering tool if you wish for it to go faster, just having high skill does nothing. Though you may also now let your Companions go and get some materials for you, via the Companion Adventures that were also introduced with the lastest patch (v95). A pet or companion with the gathering ability will be very much faster than you gathering manually. To be clear, the gathering ability requires you to go out to near the nodes and have the pet out to go the nodes, much like it has always been the case. The Companion Adventure can be done from anywhere and will return some 100-150 of one of the five main basic types of the selected resource category.

    (EDIT: Gathering now costs less PP and the PP are only consumed once you finish gathering, rather than at the start.)

    TL;DR: You need to buy and learn the recipes to be able to actually craft them.

  • @Ellexen, your post was very insightfull, even so, there's still missing data, for example: you mentioned the tick on the recipe list, I know I don't have any of the recipies listed there, the thing is, npcs on Velika and Alemanteia (places I visited so far), have only high level recipies, but I couldn't find a simple recipe to refine materials (ores -> ingots, herbs -> extracts, etc), so besides the fact my caracter is already level 65 and has max crafting, I cannot craft a single recipe because I cannot turn the raw materials in refined ones or make any mix, so summing up, I'm missing the most basic info, where to get the first recipes, if I start a new toon today, get it to level 65, where do I start crafting, I don't care if any mmo try to ruin crafting, if it exists is a basic function I'll will look to perform as a good pve player.
    Thanks for the response, and if you have any more pointers I'll be very greatefull.

  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭

    Ingot designs are found on the Smelting Materials vendor. Other Designs tab. Yes, they require you to be level 65 to use, that is the only basic stuff left really, nothing else exists any longer. My apologies for not being clearer that all the recipes that I can find are level 65+. I should not have used the phrase 'a number of', since it's all of them.

    Essences can be turned into Silexes via Processing. Silex Designs tab has the needed designs at the Processing Materials vendors. Though many of the recipes just use the raw essences, rather then processed silexes.

    Plants are used for Cooking. You need to find one of the Fishing Supplies vendors to find the recipes you need there. The recipes there are on the Cooking Recipes tab. There is a quest chain for fishing that awards a few of the cooking recipes, it unlocks at level 68, though you can also just buy them from the vendor. You don't extract spices or anything like that, you just buy things like salt and such from the Fishing Supplies vendor and either use them directly or make things like dressings from them to use with other dishes. The gathered plants are just use as straight ingredients for various recipes.

    The main cities and the fishing spots have Fishing Supplies vendors. Please be aware that Cooking requires Fish Fillets, which are acquired from dismantling the various fishes that you can catch with fishing. Cooking in general tends towards multi-step preparation, where you need to make various sub-parts yourself for the final result, so that can get somewhat tedious to prepare everything.

    Alchemy potions are on Alchemy Materials Vendor, Potion Recipes tab. Again everything is level 65+.

    If you have already found those recipes then they are the basic stuff and all that is available. The anemic list that you see when Show all is checked is it. That is crafting these days. Nothing more exists.

    As another point of information, PP regeneration now differs between when you're online and offline. This is detailed in-game as well (hover over the (i) or PP bar on the crafting window to see the tool-tip), but you regen 15 points per 5 minutes if you're online and 15 points per 20 minutes when you're offline.

  • MurkalaelMurkalael ✭✭

    Thanks for the response, most npcs looks useless, until you figure each tab has more than one page, now thanks to you I got it and started back my crafting.

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