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New Lving System - Apex

Can someone explain to me, why u guys made this new system of trials is so broken, first to get ilv for u hav to kill a lot of bams or do the entire main quest or rely on kumas to get tokens/xp. And once u hit 63 the last trial doenst hav vanguard so u must do kumas or complete the whole main quest, or if u lucky get a 5 man group to clear the last advanced trial a several times.
Tl dr: it is broken pls fix it.


  • I totally agree! What was the idea behind this?

    The trials are nice though, but please make them available for each level. Since they now become available at 22, 32, 42, 52, 60. 2-4 levels of vanguards is really unnecessary. I do not want to be forced into the main quest with every new character, because imo it isn't very interesting. It's just a bunch of walking around and almost one hitting mobs. I like the story though, just not the means to progress it.

    I second: it is broken pls fix it. ;)

  • edited July 7
    Made a reaper the other day thinking of doing a few things and story quests stop you right at 59. No other story quests show up to progress any further.

    The new trial dungeons I love cause they actually teach new folks how actual endgame dungeons are played out and do the role they signed up for, but the levels for entry and exit to next trial set really need more spacing out.

    That one lvl difference of doing the trial ruined the goal of the night and so a deleted reaper's in the trash now.

    TL:Dr don't delete (fix) the trials, adjust the levels your able to run them as
  • YJ24YJ24 ✭✭
    I had the same problem you're stuck at 59 killing bams for an hour to get to 60, It's a pain.

    But I like the new trials, like said above it really explains well the different boss mechanics.
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