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[Guide] Mystel Circlet Enchanting

This is a quick rundown of the brand new Mystel Circlet and it's costs so far. I keep seeing players ask this, and I've already posted this on my Discord, which you can join HERE.

The Rundown

Mystel III + Ethereal Circlet fuses into Improved Transcendent Circlet. 10% base chance, 1 percent increase per fail.

Ethereal Circlet + Mystel Circlet V fuses into Improved Mystel Circlet.

You can get more Mystel Circlets for 3 Vanguard Points from the Vanguard Shop. You can get Mark of Fate, up to 5, as low as 1, during the hourly Velika Defense Superior Guardian Legion Mission.


Mystel I Mystel II Mystel III Mystel IV Mystel V Total Costs
Gold 0 20,000 40,000 80,000 160,000 300,000
Mark of Fate 0 15 30 60 120 225
Base Success Chance 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Each item is linked to TERALore.com's Console Version, which has the most up-to-date Data, directly from the Developer, KRAFTON Bluehole Studio - they are linked to help players figure out where to get those specific items, and what stats they have.

Circlet Comparison

Improved Transcendent Circlet Improved Mystel Circlet
Mystel III Circlet + Ethereal Circlet Mystel V Circlet + Ethereal Circlet
Power is the main source of attraction for this Circlet. If your class doesn't depend on Awakening Skills for DPS, this is recommended. Awakening Power is the main source of attraction for this Circlet. If your class depends on Awakening Skills for DPS, this is recommended.
Per Attempt Improved Transcendent Circlet Per Attempt Improved Mystel Circlet
Gold 20,000 Gold 320,000
Mark of Fate 0 Mark of Fate 180
Diamonds 2 Diamonds 0
Scavenged Supplies 12 Scavenged Supplies 0
Devil's Claws 8 Devil's Claws 0
Dragon Skulls 11 Dragon Skulls 0
Silver Plates 170 Silver Plates 0
Mystel III Circlet 1 Mystel III Circlet 0
Ethereal Circlet 1 (is not consumed, unless player succeeds.) Ethereal Circlet 1
Mystel V 0 Mystel V 1
Base Success Chance 10% Base Success Chance 100%
Fail % Increase 1% Fail % Increase 0%

Upon failure, the upgrade will consume the materials and gold required to enhance it - including the circlet(s).


  • edited July 4
    Hi Sarumonin,

    Thank you for the information. There is some inconsistency between the Patch notes and in-game information.

    In the Apex patch notes, it states: “Mistel’s Circlet VI requires both a Mark of Fate and an Ethereal Circlet.” See “New Items” at https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/33557/06-29-2020-v84-awakening-patch-notes#latest

    As can be seen, the above makes no mention of a Transcendent Circlet. Instead, it states an Ethereal Circlet is required.

    And when you go to upgrade an Ethereal Circlet in-game, the name given to it is an Improved Transcendent Circlet, suggesting that an Ethereal Circlet is a Transcendent Circlet since upon upgrade it is given the adjective “Improved.”

    (C.f. The patch notes provides that an “Improved Ethereal Circlet” is the result upon upgrading an Ethereal Circlet rather than a Transcendent Circlet, or Improved Transcendent Circlet.)

    In any case, standing alone the Patch notes and in-game information is inconsistent, potentially leading to confusion.

    A clarification would be helpful. From the developers, etc. .... Thank you.

    P.S. Thank you for your leadership on issues of interest to the community.

    Edits: corrected typos and tried to better explain the inconsistency.
  • SarumoninSarumonin ✭✭✭

    Hey there @Howdoesthatwork, I've cleaned up the tables so it's a bit more clearer. The information above is 100% correct based on my own testing and the help of the community members on my Discord. Let me know if this makes more sense!

  • Thank you, Sarumonin! It makes sense and is helpful.
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