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[CH&TR] grabbaggels

hello again
my tablet is collecting dust so please help
offering grabbags, they will be like the ones in spoilers but more/less effort! its all surprise surprise (´・o・`)


i can only draw females
please pm me a price (min max10-30k) and references (´・ω・`)
let me know if you want something specific though!!

not taking anymore for now ! :bleep_bloop:


  • You may want to mention what server(s) these are for, dear. Adorable work though! I hope you get lots of customers.
  • oh ahh sorry im kinda new to this......
    im from celestial hills :>
  • app1ejuiceapp1ejuice ✭✭✭
    Hi! Welcome to TERA!

    Three things real quick :)

    1) you can skip some quest progressions if they get too hard -- just keep leveling by grinding mobs or dungeons (dungeons is fastest), and new questlines will open up quickly as you level up :) Some of the quests in this game are tedious, or downright buggy, so it's nice to be able to skip them. Some difficult quests, you can also google them up (there might be tutorials, youtube guides, etc.)

    2) It's wonderful art! For payment, I'd recommend 15k for bust/chibis :) Depending on how much detail and shading work you put in, you could charge much more. It's cute art, don't undervalue yourself haha :)

    3) If you're *really* interested in setting up shop, PM me back! I can help you set up more payment options that will let you reach customers from other servers as well. :)

    Good luck, fantastic artwork -- looking forward to see more from you (and that finished popo art :chuffed: )
  • did a little bust of my priest
    i need more samples x w x ;;

  • Hiya! I really enjoy the art, so I'd like to commission a bust for my elin if you're feeling up to it of course! :3

    Reference pictures: http://imgur.com/a/Bs0VV

    I'd prefer the first set (the one with the eyepatch and hat), but feel free to draw any of those! Thanks ahead of time!
  • http://imgur.com/a/XhnPQ Try to draw a male Elf :S
  • Would really like a commission - either a sketch or a chibi! My main is on MT, but I can get gold to you on CH. http://imgur.com/a/GSKwH Thank you~~
  • hotdogdogguhotdogdoggu ✭✭
    edited July 2016
    15k chibi for cuppy chan :3
    will be lining popo next and doing the busts ahh
  • I love that chibi you did for Cuppy! Could I get an piece in that style? I'll pay 15k as well. http://imgur.com/a/NOIjL
  • NeianNeian ✭✭
    o-oH what cute art! I'd be interested in a chibi, or a bust:
    http://bunnily.weebly.com/tera.html :D!
  • a little something for da handsome popo < 3
  • WuruqWuruq ✭✭✭
    a little something for da handsome popo < 3

    Thank you so much! It's absolutely perfect! I love it~ <3

    I know you told me it was going to be a freebie, but I'm definitely going to send you a little something for it next time I log in. It's just so perfect~ :love:
  • For nai !

    also tysm wuruq!! you're too kind o:)<3
  • KaaiYuKaaiYu ✭✭
    Here are some refs of my Castanic Female.

    I'll see what I have on CH if you get around to my character, but I'll make sure to get enough stuff to make it worth your while. I'll edit the post later when I check the server. I know it'll be more than a couple thousand gold worth of stuff though.

  • for app1ejuice \o/
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