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Mount Collector's Card Event (August 11 - September 8)

Starting Tuesday, August 11 (following maintenance) and running until Tuesday, September 8, log in to TERA for a special card collection event featuring a new set of specialty mount cards.

Visit Mount Collector Dodo in Highwatch to learn about his plan to collect and train every mount in the world. He needs a large quantity of Special Mount Passes to accomplish this goal, and he’s willing to help you fill out your card collection to get them.

Completing a wide range of Vanguard Requests will earn you between 2 and 8 passes at a time, which you can then exchange with Dodo for enchanting supplies, consumables, Noctenium Elixirs, and card fragments for mounts and other hard-to-find cards.

You can earn a maximum of 16 rewards every day during the event, so plan your time wisely! Plus, if you don't unlock all the cards you're after during this event, not to worry; look out for another event (soon to come) that will offer the chance to unlock the same new mount-themed card fragments.

Objective Passes
Macellarius Catacombs 2
Velik's Hold (5-person) 2
Velik's Sanctuary 2
RK-9 Kennel 4
Red Refuge 4
Gossamer Vault (Hard) 6
Antaroth's Abyss (Hard) 6
Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard) 6
Akalath Quaratine 6
Bahaar's Sanctum 7
Corrupted Skynest 7
Forbidden Arena 7
Draakon Arena 7
Draakon Arena (Hard) 8
Corrupted Skynest (Hard) 8
Rift's Edge 6
Shore Hold 5
Gridiron 5
Champion's Skyring (Solo) 5
Celestial Arena 2
Lilith's Keep 2
Baracos' Trial 2
Akasha's Trial 2
Guardian Legion Missions I 2
Guardian Legion Missions II 2
Guardian Legion Missions III 2
Dominate the Skies 2
Echoes of Aranea 2
Echoes of Aranea 2
Fishing! So Much Fun! 2
Clear Rogash's Garden 2
Clear Exodor Farmlands 2
Clear Iridian Wetlands 2
Clear Verrak Fortress 2
Hunt Brutal Naga Battlemasters 2
Hunt Brutal Iron Giants 2
Hunt Brutal Onyx Hydraths 2

Note: This post was updated on August 11. It previously inaccurately stated that the Vanguard Request for Corsairs' Stronghold would grant Special Mount Passes. We also added a note to the introduction to let you know that there will be a subsequent opportunity to unlock the new mount card fragments.

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