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Seghritto's Devan Fragment Hunt (September 8 - October 6)

From Tuesday, September 8 (following maintenance) until Tuesday, October 6, log in to TERA daily to take part in a special token collection event that will reward you with consumables to aid you in top-tier enchanting, as well as allow you to expand your card collection!

To participate, complete the Vanguard Requests below to earn Devan Fragments, then bring your hard-earned Fragments to Highwatch to exchange with two event NPCs:

  • Seghritto: Stocks Seghritto's Safeguard Formula and Seghritto's Safeguard (30%).
  • Monta: Stocks a huge catalog of Card Fragments, Partner: Cocomin (Superior), Noctenium Elixirs, enchanting supplies, and more.

Another NPC, Harakhum, will also be in Highwatch during the event, selling Seghritto's Safeguard Formula recipes of various calibers for gold. Combine these recipes with Seghritto's Safeguard Formula to craft Safeguards. (Safeguards are useful resources for insuring your gear doesn't drop in level while enchanting.)

Time is limited to enjoy Seghritto's event, so be sure to log in and earn all your rewards each day! See you on the Hunt!

Rampaging RK-9 Kennel 7
Vanguard Request # of Devan Fragments
Macellarius Catacombs 2
Velik's Hold (5-person) 2
Velik's Sanctuary 2
RK-9 Kennel 4
Red Refuge 4
Gossamer Vault (Hard) 6
Antaroth's Abyss (Hard) 6
Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard) 6
Akalath Quaratine 6
Bahaar's Sanctum 7
Corrupted Skynest 7
Forbidden Arena Challenge 7
Forbidden Arena Challenge (Undying Warlord) 7
Forbidden Arena Challenge (Nightmare Undying Warlord) 8
Draakon Arena 7
Draakon Arena (Hard) 8
Corrupted Skynest (Hard) 8
Kezzel's Gorge 6
Commander's Residence 6
Shore Hold 5
Gridiron 5
Champion's Skyring (Solo) 5
Celestial Arena 2
Lilith's Keep 2
Baracos' Trial 2
Akasha's Trial 2
Guardian Legion Missions I 2
Guardian Legion Missions II 2
Guardian Legion Missions III 2
Dominate the Skies 2
Echoes of Aranea 2
Echoes of Aranea 2
Fishing! So Much Fun! 2
Clear Rogash's Garden 2
Clear Exodor Farmlands 2
Clear Iridian Wetlands 2
Clear Verrak Fortress 2
Hunt Brutal Naga Battlemasters 2
Hunt Brutal Iron Giants 2
Hunt Brutal Onyx Hydraths 2
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