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Ortan’s Horn, Hazard”s Scale, Cerrus’s Nail

Hello all,

In the process of grinding for the above crafting materials to make each of the brooches, and ultimately, the Shadow Hunter Brooch.

Hmm, any ideas of what is the trigger or requirement to get it/them? Highest damage, most total damage, etc.? It seems that even if I solo the boss, don’t always get it? Maybe I’m mistaken.

Thank you!

P. S. This is after completing the daily and weekly scores if that matters.

P.S.S. An odd thought. If I switch channels and defeat say Cerrus twice during the same World Event period, would the game only count that as once for purposes of the possible reward of a Nail? Sounds weird but maybe to slow people down in terms of farming.


  • Well, never mind. A couple of things. 1) A guild friend said it was damage based. If you solo the boss, this factor is kind of a non-factor since you are doing the most total damage, the highest damage, etc. 2) There is still RNG. Even if you meet factor/requirement one in terms of damage, RNG still needs to roll out to the crafting material since there are at least 3 possibilities (a gem, I.e., a ruby; a Bounty Hunter Reward Box; or the crafting material for that Boss).
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