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Put Masterwork Alkahest Back in Labyrinth Of Terror for those who are trying to +13 - +15

The reason I'm asking for this is I don't mind no life grinding the [filtered] out of the first three bosses over and over and over again to accumulate the amount of MWA needed to continually try to awaken enchant to get those last three levels. [ For those who are worried about this method ruining the economy make it so you cant trade the MWA to anyone like personal MWA. ] But to constantly fail level and right after running FWC over and over and over again is kinda ridiculous.

Bottom line we need a repeatable dungeon without a entry cap that drops masterwork alkahest that's easy enough to do that can be farmed over and over soul bound or not I could care less the end result is the same I just want to use that MWA to make my awaken enchantment easier cause right now it's a pain in the [filtered] and a total gold sink.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to do the "Tier" alkahest system pretty much ruined that method of easy street -_-; / this could be a viable method for helping people get the end game equipment that is less stressful on those of us who put time and effort into actually maximizing our gear.

So yeah soul bind that [filtered] or give us a more feasable way to earn MWA that isnt limited to Vanguard boxes.

Cause seriously to me as an end game player Tier Alkahest is probally the most useless [filtered] in TERA can we go back to the way it was simple

Refined Alkahest
Masterwork Alkahest
Extensive Alkahest
Premium Akahest

LOT becomes Relevant again.
Ebon Tower Becomes Relevant again
Kelsaik becomes Relevant again
That entire zone becomes active again.
Everyone Benifits

Wham Bam Thank you Mam.
I'm just tired of Forvarth constantly going.

"Haaah so you come."

AKA You know your weapon aint never gonna hit +15 Dog. You might as well Dismantle that [filtered] right now! LMAO!!!!

But seriously EME Please

Make MWA Easier to get.

Everybody was like Ebon Tower and LOT and Kelsaik used to be the MWA Hot spots.
Right now? There pretty much zones nobody gives a [filtered] about anymore because of the tier system.

There now please do right thing and consider at least making MWA more easier accessible for the extreme end game players.
And I dont mean these lockbox events put MWA back into the bosses of those dungeons.


  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    I do agree that we all could use more sources of MWA. Now, I assume the supply is limited, and is hard to awakened enchant, because as bonus gear that is not needed to run any content in the game, it SHOULD have been something only a very few amount of players could have obtained. Of course, the game derped and there's more +15 SF out there than +12 Slaughter. And having full VM7 right now is like having a Bugatti Veyron. Though we all know what will happen in a few patches...

    As for using pvp as a ways to obtain more MWA, it makes pvp relevant for those who are interested in speeding up their enchant tries a bit. As such, and me thinking that the pvp part of this game should stay relevant, if you give more MWA supply to the pve part of the game, you should also give more supply to the pvp part. And try to keep both supplies balanced.
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