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Kyra's Pop-Up Potion Shack Returns!



  • RKCRKC ✭✭✭
    Oh no It has a chance to drop. Last kyra's hada guaranteed drop. Why RNG why.
  • Are there gonna be blue boxes all around the map? Please answer me Spacecats im dying here
  • ZuvelZuvel ✭✭
    Yes Blue boxes would be very nice.
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    Thank you! The people looking to gear up have had events and now a bonanza for costume junkies like I've never seen before!

    I am sad that I will no longer be able to save spare catalysts for next time, though. Does this mean this is the last Potion Shack?
  • Why no blue boxes? Or elite vouchers? Or emp? And why is the list so huge.....
  • GumsGums ✭✭
    edited June 2016
    No thanks 99% of the list is worthless crock, and 1 catalyst per dungeon (not even 100% for most of them, and I assume 1 because EME is usually stingy with catalysts)) isn't cutting it with those chances. This is not how you get back players, and I certainly won't be spamming the most boring dungeons tera has ever had for them.
  • The blue box would be sweet to add so we don't have to keep it up with the same dungeons and with the NM dungeons only have a chance to drop where HM have guaranteed beside with Shadow Sanguinary don't help at all also not everyone want to run HM/sanguinary to get them all the time it will get to boring fast my point is add blue box or something else beside dungeons and level up alts to get them pls.
  • EllieChuEllieChu ✭✭✭
    event is already dead, and it hasnt even started yet. The whole thing reeks of gameforge. ''Run dungeons all day an night for 3 spins at our accessory slot gamble machine, or shove 100 bucks in our face and get 50 spins right away''
  • JasonLucasJasonLucas ✭✭✭
    Damn, like we aren't already sick of kyra it comes back with more rng and less rewards.... Well, looks like I'll have more free time until next patch.
    Hey EME, lets play a RNG game!
  • A "chance" to get catalyst from non hm dungeons? So..... When did you guys start taking advice from Gameforge? Garbage event is garbage.
  • uhm... so, not only did you guys limited the amount of catas we can get but you also made the prize list 240~ long with only 20 items that are worth something, what a way to ruin an amazing event
  • PixelatorPixelator ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2016
    Cripes, all this complaining. Show some gratitude.
  • The chance for actual stuff that's worth it is horribly watered down, you took out some of the good jackpots, there is no blue boxes, only one catalyst per final boss. I'll continue to do my 2 sshm per day and then log out, this event was something in the past I would do 20 channelworks + ghillies, but it's not even close to worth it. At least overwatch is fun.
  • dragonmu12dragonmu12 Israel ✭✭✭
    edited June 2016
    Pixelator wrote: »
    Cripes, all this complaining. Show some gratitude.

    gradtitude? if it was like before sure its the best event in game but like i wrote on first page.. if you didnt see..

    emp and tera reward credits its not the same i cant buy what i want to buy.. so why.. and its only for ppl who swiped there credit cards hard enough.. not like me..
    no blue boxes,last boss will probably drop 1x cata,10x list bigger then before 80% of them are useless.
    deleted jackpots/good stuff:Emp,Elite Status,100 Titan embers/ease,mounts,pets and some more
    adding:80% junk

    im saying that because its not like you eme doing event like that.. if this event its staying like it is now.. it will be useless, atleast add the blue boxes and bring back the elite status 30 days and emp jackpots back.
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