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[CH] Supreme Hydrath Smart Box [ Bought ]

edited July 2016 in Trading Post
Update: Bought I now have the complete Hydrath outfit.


Note not grand Supreme [ The White Dyeable Version ] I have grand already but I need the Dyeable version now. It's the last piece of the Hydrath gear that I'm missing. It's another one of those "Help me Complete the set." threads You might remember my old one from the time I was trying to get the Shadowlaced Swords which I have by the way so I'd appreciate it if someone can help me out with this you'd be making my day for sure.

Please whisper or message me offers via parcel and I'll get back to ya when I have enough to meet said offer.

IGN: Alba.Meira


  • As far as I've ever know there are only two Hydrath costumes
    The Supreme(Dyeable, Lootbox) and the Grand(Non Dyeable direct purchase from cash shop)
  • Yeah about that. Sometimes people sell the Dyeable Lootbox version of the items on the broker.

    It's usually on the CH Server Broker there's a few on the MT Broker so I was hoping someone had a spare they didn't mind selling.
  • Update: I got my Supreme Hydrath Outfit I bought it.

    Thank you Miosuh for being The Player Of The Game for this.

  • I put a Dyeable Lootbox version up on the broker MT. Please message me if you're interested.
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