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Possible Tournament Discussion

edited July 2016 in PvP Discussion
It's been a while since we've seen a pvp tournament and I'd like to get some feedback and suggestions from you all so I can bring it to the player council to get things started.

In the past we've had two different types of tournaments. Canyon Clash, a Fraywind Canyon Tournament (15v15), and Skyring Slam, a Champion Skyring Tournament (3v3). Would you guys like to see the return of these or would you like to see something completely different? If you want something different then please post what you have in mind. I like the old tournaments and would say it'd be good to stick to those.

Prizes for events and stuff have been a large part of forum discussions recently so what do you guys want to see as rewards? In the past we've had Titles (These are not always easy to get from BHS), mounts, cosmetics, and EMP rewards. I was thinking we could add reward credits and points.

Should there be a limit to the number of certain classes allowed to participate on each team? Right now Fraywind's default limit is 5 of each class.

What gear should be used? I think going back to Starfall +15 with the jewelry set we have now and the one that came before it. I'd also like to see etching IIIs and the usual crystals. No blacksmith's hammerstrike.

Please feel free to add anything else that I may have missed! :D


  • NoriMTNoriMT ✭✭
    yeah i want to see bamarama
  • GlitchyTrashGlitchyTrash ✭✭✭
    edited July 2016
    Edited for stupid reason.
  • FWC is the most popular BG atm so Canyon Clash would be the most relevant BG for a tourny
    The old class restriction of 5 of a class per team with only 4 playing at once
    Starfall +15 gear or let us use any mix of VM7 VM6 and Conflate
    Maze/Tick Tock/Hyderad Jewelery
    Yellow Innerwear
    Quatrefoil Brooch
    Etching 3s

    Rewards - Etching 3s Feedstock Alk Cosmetics Dyads
  • edited July 2016
    3v3 3x duplicate class vs class
    5-10 man 1v1 crew battle
    15v15 dodgeball first to x kills
    1v1 tourney

    Course if anything fwc is the preferred one as most people do fwc

    Class restriction of 2-3, if not then 0 class restriction; let's see the 12 ninja 3 healer teams
  • BorsucBorsuc ✭✭✭
    Most people go FWC to farm credits, because it's through the roof, not for the "PvP" itself. The popularity argument is irrelevant. Why would you want fodder in the tournament?

    You also can't judge Skyring's popularity from the ingame version. The tournament will be on even ground / equalized cause everyone gets max gear available and so on, the ingame one is not and has gear gaps. Plus it's more fun to watch than 99% matches in FWC.

    Then again it's pointless just like when EME ignored the request to ban res from last skyring slam, so it doesn't matter.
  • Mobius1Mobius1 ✭✭✭
    I think equalized Corsair's would be the coolest.

    It has the most potential for strategy of all BGs, which adds an extra element.
  • I'd much rather have a Canyon Clash personally, I like playing FWC with friends and it's just more fun and less pressure to me altogether as it is a double elimination over a single elimination as Skyring Slam was. Gear and # of same class that you put seems to be fine, we just need EmE to get this all together, I'm sure everyone who likes PvP would want to participate.
  • I would love to do a canyon clash again....
  • HazezoidHazezoid ✭✭✭
    edited July 2016
    Canyon clash would let a larger part of the the tera community participate compared to Skyring.
    Then again emmasse are more interested in getting popular streamers to do their corsairs tournament or bam tournament.
    Catering to new players rather than the longer loyal players.

    I'll love to see another Canyon Clash or Skyring Slam but can't get my hopes too high.
  • Canyon Clash would be awesome to let more people participate. Plus it would be nice to get a chance to group PvP with guildies since GvGs are so dead due to the broken system.
  • Canyon Clash! Canyon Clash! Canyon Clash!
  • It'd be nice to have tournaments come back. I'd participate.
  • ConsonanceConsonance ✭✭
    edited September 2016
  • ...... is manifest excluded?
  • skyring btw
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