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being accespted

hi, I just wanted to know how being accepted in a guild works I've applied for many guilds I never got an message saying im in the guild how long do I have to wait can I not apply to more than one guild? do I have to contact the owner? I'm almost lvl 50. please help

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  • YumiaaaYumiaaa
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    The owner of the guild has to accept you through the applications, its all up to them really and there's nothing you can do. You can apply to more one guild at a time though :> I hope this helps!


  • it does thanks for you help!
  • EspeiEspei ✭✭
    The best way to get accepted would most likely be to contact either the guild master or one of their recruiters. Find out what their requirements are for joining their guild and so forth which is better than just randomly applying to as many guilds as possible.

    If, by chance, you are accepted into a guild you will know when you press the guild hotkey as you will see other players there.
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