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MT server question

how does MT server work? since i heard from people saying "once you hit lv11-12, its where you gonna get owned every sec after you start doing storyline by using teleported to bulwerk (misspelling) camp you 'd be at channel 1, you would see bunch of people like to pvp"

i know its pvp server but open world for all level to pvp? or gotta be smart to change channel while you level and not get pked from lv65? or ?

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  • I recently made my first character on MT and I haven't got killed once by anyone and I'm level 57.
  • SrosaSrosa ✭✭
    edited August 2016
    N3EPXXX54C wrote: »
    I recently made my first character on MT and I haven't got killed once by anyone and I'm level 57.

    lucky you, one of my friend got killed by lv65 at channel 3 minding his own business then he died 1 shotted as lv43, i was curious tho, cuz i love to pvp at 65 only but low lv make me scared most of time.
  • StarSpriteStarSprite ✭✭✭✭
    After level 11 you learn a skill called outlaw declaration. You can pk other people when you use it and if they use it they can pk you. Killing low levels gives you infamy which basically means you cant turn the outlaw skill off until the infamy goes down. The only safe zones are cities, towns, and camps.

    I've leveled many characters on MT and not had a problem with outlaws. If you go to a different channel they're usually not there. The most pvp I see is when I go to a popular grind spot.
  • KetothKetoth ✭✭✭✭
    the chance of being killed while leveling are pretty low. mainly because the fastest way to lvl is by dungeons/kumas. And that areas dont have any pk.

    Camps/ city/dungeons entrances are all safe areas.
    But if somehow you manage to get killed just ress and switch channels to other that isnt 1
  • oh okay, gotcha *write notes down* i gotta remember this as i've done WoW pvp server, this is new to me, thank you.
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