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Randomly getting dropout debuff after finishing dungeons and BGs

I finish the dungeon/BG and then leave. I've had the problem with FWC and mainly DS Lower IMS. Wtf. Pls fix.


  • NPUNPU ✭✭
    I had this last night, when Kumas Royale was done, I left the BG with "Dropout affects your abilities"; Twice.
  • For BGs, make sure you don't type /drop or /quit or whatever it is, just make sure you click the on-screen prompt to leave the battleground that shows up at the end by the score. Most of the time, typing /drop won't give you dropout, but there are a few times it has so I like to stay on the safe side.

    DS lowers: You WILL get dropout if you leave on floor 14 or if you wipe at floor 15 (kelsaik) and leave. The party leader has to disband the party. Learned this the hard way. Hope that helps!
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