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[AV] [Poipoi] is recruiting!

edited May 2016 in Guild Recruitment

"[Poipoi] is an active PvPvE social guild seeking members new and old."

:pleased: We have members from many genders, races, and beliefs. All of which are respected. There is an abundance of active and extremely helpful 65's with much knowledge on the game's content - new and old.
:pleased: We are very laid-back and social. Majority of the time, gchat is booming with conversations and fun.
:pleased: Our chat tends to be fairly 18+, so I'd like to make sure applicants are aware of this prior to applying.
:pleased: We use a Discord, which is provided upon guild acceptance.
:pleased: Easily climb the guild's rank with an easy rank-up system!
:pleased: Weekly guild events and give-aways!
At Poipoi, we accept characters lvl 30-65, and always are open to new players and returning veterans, no matter the level or experience in game. With atleast 10+ members active on all day offering to provide tips, advice, Ktera playing XP and endgame dungeon runs. There is never a dull moment within our little family which is ever expanding! Everyone is obscenely friendly, and unlike large guilds, we do not focus on previous cliques of friends; but always open to making new pals and memories to make the playing much better for everyone equally!

Myself and Bun, the administration of the guild, often conduct fun mini events for all guild members including a variety of prizes for every type of character; ranging from costumes, mounts, consumables, VM materials and more! Planned and large events will be posted in comments of this thread, so be on the look out! Otherwise, giveaways and more are almost always at random to us adventurous community managers ;D

Please feel free to /gapply!...
If you have more questions, feel free to whisper me at /w Senpoii, or my officer at /w Bun.
:pleased: Poi!~:pleased:

EU Alliance, Cutthroat League
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