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random disconnects from server causes loot loss and getting kicked from parties/ dungeon runs

fix eme ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  • Not sure if similar to your experience but I've crashed to desktop six times this morning....
  • Same. Constant server disconnects. Game crashes and gives "Expired ticket" errors. As soon as I enter dungeons I start spiking from 80ms to around 6000ms.... I drop to 0ms and it freezes and then it finally catches up like 7 seconds later. After this patch my normal ping went from 50ms to anywhere from 80-110ms. On the east coast.
  • I sent a ticket and the answer was to flush my DNS, reset my IP, call my ISP and lastly upgrade Windows. Before all this I was getting kicked from the game with a message saying that I was disconected from the server even if I was in a battle ground I did some of the "solutions" and I havent get kicked anymore I'm not sure if I even fix the problem all I know is that I miss Windows 7 :(
  • NPUNPU ✭✭
    Yesterday I tempted 4 DFHM runs, 3 MM runs, both had random players like tanks and healers disconnecting, and since no one wants to join us, we are left to disband. There was 1 run last night for DFHM where I ended up disconnecting because of sudden ping being 6000 ms + in the dungeon, and I was kicked.
  • If the warrior class is to be revamped then plz make their binding sword like lancer's Gigaleash just to buff them in mass BGs, besides that I can't complain about warrior dps and abilities in pve and PvP.
  • More than a week of lag spikes, my normal ping was 150-180ms, now is 250-300, i have problems with launcher and when i wanna do dungeons for triple drop i have 6000 ms.
    I'm paying 2 elites for an unplayeable game.
  • we had a large thread about it, they say they are looking to find the reasons, it seems it is a complicated problem and needs lots of timing, might be DDOS if not spelled wrong :proud: Some other games also had some huge account problems and server issue recently. or maybe internet overall is dunked. can't say what it is but I can say it is pretty annoying and I hope OP EME find the solution and kick the cows outta server room.
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