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For PAX West Attendees: En Masse office visit

For those of you planning to make the trip to Seattle to attend PAX West, we have a very limited amount of space for office visits on Friday, September 2 starting at 9:50am PDT. Visitors will meet & greet with En Masse staff and will get a brief office tour. The whole event will end at 1:00pm PDT.

If you're coming in for PAX and want to be considered for this group, please fill out this survey:

Again, this will be a pretty small group, so please understand that we won't be able to accept everyone. On the plus side, a number of En Masse staff we be at PAX itself, so there's always a chance to meet up there :)

EDIT - The cutoff date to fill out this survey will be Tuesday, August 30. There's still room as of 8/25 so please submit a response soon if you want in!


  • Heads up. Some people filled out the survey, but didn't answer all the questions. I've edited the survey making them required. Please go back and edit your survey response and answer all the questions if you want to be eligible.
  • Closing this thread and removed comments since it was mostly off-topic conversation and people sad that they aren't going to PAX.

    Just FYI, visiting the En Masse offices is just for fun. We really love meeting players in person and we hope you guys enjoy meeting us. Come hang out and have some fun before PAX. If you want to come meet the crew that works on TERA, please fill out the form.

    To those looking for an opportunity to show up to our workplace in person and yell at us, demanding we make all the TERA changes you want us to make, please do NOT fill out the form. Leave your feedback in the forums where it belongs. Thaaaaaaaaanks! <3
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